Friday, July 17, 2009


And No it isn't Tom Felton or Channing Tatum- it has been confirmed that Xaxier Samuel, an Austrialian Actor, has been cast as Riley in Eclipse. This is the first cast announcement for characters we are dying to see in Eclipse. You can see more information on the announcement at the Twilight Lexicon.

Still no word on any cast decision for Leah or Seth Clearwater. I know everyone is dying for this announcement- including us!

Me and Susie are sorry that we've been so hit and miss with videos this week- we both have finally recovered from the trip we took this past weekend to Maryland and are ready to get back to work on our videos. We promised you some pictures from our weekend (and have already shared a few) but here's a couple more featuring our wonderful Mini-E.

Where's the mountain lion?

No Bella don't jump!

I wonder how long they will sleep?

This Brings back memories for Mini-E

You are my sunshine...

Hope you enjoyed those- we did! Be on the lookout for more Mini-E adventures through the wilds of Maryland and Pennsylvania (and all the way back to Kentucky.)


  1. Hi you sweeties -
    could you please let me know whether/when the cds I sent looong ago have arrived - just so I can sleep better?? (a little worried)

  2. Love the mini-E adventures! so cute!!


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