Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kickin It Off!! The Hush Hush Discussion on SSTB!!

As Alice would say, "It's Time." but this isn't about Twilight. I know right? A Twilight blog that isn't discussing it's purpose lol but we here at AnF aren't always about the Saga I mean jeez we do like other things. Between the two of us we read a shit ton of books(let's just say that Aimee's dad did a lot of eye rolling at the amount of boxes that were just books when we moved). Since we're on the topic of books, over the last year I have been introduced to some amazing new authors and series that I die and swoon over and one of these particular texts is Hush, Hush. I was introduced to the Becca Fitzpatrick awesomeness by Cutie and KG who exclaimed that I must read this book, that I would LOVE this book and ya know what? I DID! This book is everything an entertaining novel should be and more.

The discussion officially kicked off today and to commemorate it we all got together and shared with the world who we envision as our Patch. If you don't know who Patch is then I highly suggest you get your hands on Hush, Hush and join in on the discussion!

We all had our own varieties of Patch. From the original model that portrays him on the book cover to an anime character that embodies his personality. Who's my Patch you may ask?


created by Fragile Little Human and Cutie

I can't help it. He screams Patch to me and every time I read the book he is who I envision.

Hop on over to Super Secret Twilight Blog and check out all the other Patch choices and join in on our book discussion.

If you've read the book before then I know you have an opinion...voice it! And if you haven't then we'll be doing the discussion weekly by chapters and you can read along with us and hear our opinions. It's a win/win situation and believe me when I tell you Patch and Becca Fitzpatrick's world is something you must experience!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And The Winner Is...

This has been a really fun giveaway! All of your quotes and shirts were hilarious and awesome. Before I announce the winner I just wanted to highlight some of the shirts chosen because some of them made me laugh so hard I wanted to pee my pants.

Meg had one of the best t shirt picks! Team Carlisle baby!

This shirt was popular with several of the contestants

I seriously was not aware we had a hardcore Team Jacob follower. Poor girl couldn't decide on a shirt so she listed a bunch and told me to pick...I liked this one! (I know here we are more Team Edward than Jacob but don't ever feel like you aren't welcome cause we don't HATE the boy)

This was the one that made me laugh so hard I cried! This is why I love Smuttier Than You!

We also seemed to have an abundance of Jacob quotes in the comments. I have to admit Jacob was very witty and funny in both the book and movie so it didn't really suprise me that he is the one everyone quoted lol

So who was the winner? After assigning all the numbers and using the nifty randomizer the winner of our Hiatus Giveaway is


I'm so excited for Annie! And I love, love...LOVE the shirt she picked!

Isn't it perfect*turns green with envy*

You will be getting an email asking for further details so your shirt can be mailed ASAP. We will be back as soon as things getting settled with the move.

Til Next Time--Be Safe

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hiatus Giveaway

Yes Aimee and I are fully aware that we've been gone for like 3 months with nothing to say. I know we have probably lost followers due to our absense. If you have been following either one of us on Twitter then you know that my mom is really bad sick and she decided that the time has come for me to move back home for a little while to help dad and her out so we are officially moving out in about a week and going our seperate ways as roomates for now.

This isn't going to stop the blog but until things get settled down in our new locations we're going to continue to be on hiatus.

I have so much I want to blog about but I just don't have the time at the moment, but what we do have time for is a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Hopefully that got all of your attention. A while back during the New Moon release we collaborated with Cafe Press and gave one lucky follower a shirt of their choice. Well we're doing it again folks!

If you want to win a Twilight Saga Eclipse shirt of your choice then all you got to do is give me your favorite quote from Eclipse (either the movie or the book), the link to the shirt you want, and your email address. I will use the nifty randomizer to choose a winner on Tuesday.


Okay now that I'm done with that little burst of energy...click the links below to choose your shirt! There are tons to choose from so choose wisely lol

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