Monday, February 21, 2011

Pimping my other blog

Yeah yeah, I know I'm not posting over here all that often but I'm going to take a minute of everyone's time to pimp my personal blog, If U Seek Aimee. Along with sometimes very random little comments that take up a complete blog post I have also started reviewing books as well. The genre's range from YA & Teen, to Historical Romances, and everything in between. Do me a favor and take a look- the reviews are pretty short and sweet but I hope I'm able to give everyone a peek into the book and let ya know if i've enjoyed it or hated it. If you have any recommendations for what I should read hop on over and leave a comment. Thanks for your time. Hope everyone is enjoying some no-snow weather (I know I am) and is surviving the Twilight Drought- although I recently saw there's a story at TwiCrack Addict about some pictures released of the honeymoon cottage, even though I confess I didn't read it as I'm trying to stay completely pure for Breaking Dawn.

Be Safe~
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