Friday, July 31, 2009

This Is Your Brain on Twicrack!

Saw this on Twifans and had to share it. Seriously, other than the husband thing...this is what my brain probably looks like except the sex section would probably be bigger LOL

Click picture for bigger view

Be Safe--Susie

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Aimee's Comment on the Victoria Scandal

Yes I have dubbed it the "Victoria Scandal" because this will be all anyone talks about relating to Eclipse. Let me say first that I am very disappointed in Summit that they would recast Victoria over a 10-day scheduling conflict. I know it's their right but I think that for the fans and Rachelle something could have been worked out without recasting the role of Victoria. I will sincerely miss seeing Rachel as the love-to-hate-her Victoria. I am hoping that her replacement will be able to uphold the strong female character we saw in Twilight and expand it as well. While there is a lot of controversy over this issue it is my curse to be able to see both sides of it- even though I don't agree with Summit's decision. I hope the fans, while still supporting Rachelle, will embrace the actor (forgive me I forget her name) who will be her replacement and show her the love that twifans give all the cast because other than accepting the role she has no part in Summit's decision. That's my little statement there.

Now from that you can see I have not died or had any of my fingers rot off- I have simply had some family issues that have taken precedent over time on the blog and I do apologize for being unable to write as much as I would have liked. While I am hoping I'll be able to hop on here for brief moments over this weekend I will actually be spending the majority of my time with the many and varied members of my family living and visiting in PA and also spending time with my grandpa who is in the hospital. I hope that everyone has a good weekend!

Summit Responds

This situation is just making even more angry so instead of ranting for another half hour I'm going to send all of you over to Confessions of a Twicrack Addict where she has just posted Summit's response to Rachelle Lefevre's statement in which basically they put on the blame right back on her.

Be Safe--Susie

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summit Just LOVES to Piss Us Off!

Just got the word from our "sisters" on the Twiblogverse that there has been further development in the Rachelle replacement. This is a statement made earlier today by Rachelle Lefevre to Access Hollywood

“I was stunned by Summit’s decision to recast the role of Victoria for Eclipse. I was fully committed to the Twilight saga, and to the portrayal of Victoria. I turned down several other film opportunities and, in accordance with my contractual rights, accepted only roles that would involve very short shooting schedules.

“My commitment to Barney’s Version (This is the "other" project I was talking about) is only ten days. Summit picked up my option for Eclipse. Although the production schedule for Eclipse is over three months long, Summit said they had a conflict during those ten days and would not accommodate me. Given the length of filming for Eclipse, never did I fathom I would lose the role over a 10-day overlap. I was happy with my contract with Summit and was fully prepared to continue to honor it. Summit chose simply to recast the part.

“I am greatly saddened that I will not get to complete my portrayal of Victoria for the Twilight audience. This is a story, a theatrical journey and a character that I truly love and about which I am very passionate. I will be forever grateful to the fan support and loyalty I’ve received since being cast for this role, and I am hurt deeply by Summit’s surprising decision to move on without me. I wish the cast and crew of Eclipse only the very best.”

Ok Summit! What the FUCK! First you make David Slade the new director and while I love his work on Hard Candy I have NOT been happy about their decision in making him the Eclipse director in the first place. Then you threaten to replace Taylor Lautner for New Moon and the boy has to kill himself with dedication so he can secure his role! NOW THIS! I am not the only one extremely pissed by this further development. Check out The Ramblings of A Perpetual Fangirl, We Bite Pretty Hard, Confessions Of A Twicrack Addict, and Peace,Love, Twilight for other rants, raves, and pissed offed fans!

The Twilight Lexicon has also posted on how to write to Summit and express your concerns about this situation. You can find that HERE!

I don't know if Rachelle Lefevre knows about all of our little blogs but on behalf of not just Aimee and myself but all Twifans EVERYWHERE we just want Rachelle to know that we LOVE her as Victoria and it is killing us that Summit has done this!

Two New Stories and Our Blog Hit 1,000 Views!

And the Pick of the Week is.....

BOTH Breathe Me by A Fragile Little Human and Feels Like Home by btvsna

These authors had me torn because both stories are truly amazing. Please check them out and let these ladies know how creative they are.

To btvsna: Thank you for making me fall in love with Alice and Jasper all over again plus with a little Twismut as desert....perfection

To A Fragile Little Human: GIMME MORE! I really adore this side of Bella's character! You have transformed her into a strong willed, independent, take no shit kind of gal and i'm loving it! Keep me posted!

Super Secret Twilight Blog's Wide Awake Discussion Seriously people if you haven't gotten the chance to read Wide Awake by angstgoddess003 yet than get your Twilovin' asses in gear because its the best story out there! Then go over and join in on SSTB's weekly discussion!

Other Twifics that I'm currently obsessed with:

Breathe Again by Ysar (She updates once, sometimes twice a week! Jacob fans you will LOVE this story)

Edge of Night
by UntypicallyJia(Chapter 9 was posted today! I just finished reading it! LOVE IT! This fan fic just keeps getting more intense and awesome...keep up the great work Jia!)

For Ysar's and btvsna stories you must register to view them. Don't worry, it doesn't take long!!

Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU! For making ApplesFeathers a blog that you frequently visit! We reached 1,000 visits today and since we've only be publicly online for a little over a month that's a really big deal! Just keep those views coming because when we reach 5,000 views and 50 followers we are going to do something special for the viewers!

Be Safe--Susie

A New Victoria...WTF!

It seems that actress Bryce Dallas Howard will be replacing Rachelle Levre as Victoria for Eclipse, which will start filming in August. WTF! I understood though didn't like when they replaced Sam Uley. He on the other hand in "Twilight" only had a couple of lines and one scene. Victoria on the other hand...big deal! Really fucking big deal for the third movie especially! What is everyones thought on this. Help me help you...cause at this point I am flabergasted. As I understand it Rachelle apparently has a future project in the works that is not going to give her an open slot to film Eclipse. Why exactly is Summit dropping this bomb on us now. GAH! Not happy...really not happy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"The Insider" Needs to Do Some Vamp Research Before Making a Top Ten List

Long before Twilight, I loved vampires. I mean really loved them. As a young girl, the romanticized yet dangerous world that Anne Rice created fascinated me, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my teen idol, and The Lost Boys were my secret lovers. Peace,Love,Twilight Blog posted earlier this evening a Top Ten Vampire List from the Insider. Personally I don't know who this Insider lady is or what she was thinking, but her little list kinda pissed me off so here is my personal breakdown of where they should have been, who should be on it, and who should NOT be on it!

Here is the original list. Take a look and leave a comment letting me know what you think. Cause comments make me giddy!

The Breakdown

"These could have been vampires from books, movies or television series. I chose the latter two, because someone actually plays them, and it gives us someone tangible to base our assessment on."

First of all just because there are actors/actresses playing these vampire roles in movies and television does not mean that vampires that have been portrayed throughout literature should be omitted. Its called an imagination, pick up a book!

10. David from the Lost Boys

Just one of those looks and I'd gladly become his blood donor

Seriously! Number 10! Not only is The Lost Boys a serious cult classic (unfortunately tarnished by an extremely shitty straight to DVD sequel) but Keifer Sutherland's portrayal of David, bad ass leader of the vampire gang, was not only a part of my fantasies as an adolescent. He was charmingly dangerous, sly, and seriously demented (wine anyone?). He didn't just play the role, he was the role and so this placement to me beyond ridiculous. He should at least be in the top 5.

9. Louis de Pointe du Lac from Interview With a Vampire

The Volturi is probably even scared of this clan

While I would have placed Louis better on the list than a 9, It isn't really his placement that bothers me. It is his "family" that is the problem. No where on this list is Claudia or Lestat included. Seriously people LESTAT! One of the most iconic figures in vampire literature, Not on the list! I'm not saying that Brad Pitt did not do a fantastic job portraying Louis because as much as the novel was butchered into film form, his dedication to character was bravo! In fact all the actors/actresses did an amazing job. I just think Lestat should get more credit on a top ten list than Louis de Pointe du Lac.

8. Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

5. Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

The two sexiest vampires the WB ever had

This placement was also a little upsetting. While when it comes to the Buffyverse I'm more Team Spike than Team Angel, it is sort of like the "who came first" deal breaker for me. Two different vampires, two very different personalities, and played lovingly by David Boreaneaz and James Marsters (who is my baby daddy, he just isn't aware of it yet). I would have put Angel before Spike on the list though I'm not sure which numbers they would represent or I would have grouped them as a team. This writer doesn't do that though so i'm going to attempt to stick with her formatted list.

7. Blade from the Blade Triliogy

6. Selena from Underworld

Out of the entire list these were the only two that I was ok about their placement. Two very kick ass vampires like these deserve to be on this list and it made me happy to see them on there.

4. Bill Compton from True Blood

No wonder Sookie's legs automatically go in the air...intense!

I haven't watched the series yet but I have heard really amazing things. The only thing I really have a problem with is the character of Bill Compton has not hit that iconic vampire place yet for me and I don't think he should be so close to the top 3. As I said I haven't watched the show so who knows my mind may change afterward.

3. Stefan from The Vampire Diaries

2. Damon from The Vampire Diaries

Just because their hotties, don't make them iconic

These are the ones that pissed me off the most. Are you fucking kidding me! The show hasn't even come out yet and apparently they are iconic enough to be in the top three...I don't think so. I have read ALOT of vampire series and watched a Hell of a lot of vampire movies and these characters don't even compare, at least not yet. Not only would I have grouped the two together, they probably wouldn't have been on the list.

1. Edward Cullen

Edward please find it in your heart to forgive what I'm about to say

Okay take a breath because I'm about to commit Twilight blasphemy. Edward should not have been first. There I said it. I am just being honest, but Edward Cullen should have been second. Remember, I've been a fan of vampires a long ass time and number one on ANY list should always be Dracula. Not only is he the daddy of all iconic vampires everywhere, He has been covered and adored in all the entertainment media(Books, Movies, and Television) and if we have to play the who came first game it would have to be Dracula. Bram Stoker originally wrote about this creature in 1897. Look at all the amazingly talented portrayals of the "Grandaddy of all Vamps" over the years.

Bela Lugosi(the original on screen Dracula)

Christopher Lee(60's and 70's Dracula)

90's Dracula just made him look sexier but still awesome

I will always love Edward Cullen and the entire Twilight Series but I also have to look at the hard truths even when I desperately don't want to.

After all that bitching and moaning, here is what I believe the list should have looked like.

10. Bill Compton: True Blood
9. Claudia and Louis: Interview with a Vampire

Blade: Blade Trilogy
7. Selena: Underworld
Spike: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
5. Angel: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
David: The Lost Boys
3. Lestat: Interview With A Vampire
2. Edward Cullen: The Twilight Saga
1. Dracula: movies and literature

Honorable mentions include: Jerry Dandridge from Fright Night and Frost from Blade

If you don't agree with my list, I totally respect that. Was one of your favorite vampires left off the list or do you adore the Vampire Diaries and want to put the brothers back on there. I want to see your revision of your top ten favorite vampires.

Be Safe--Susie

Monday, July 27, 2009

Finally...Lets Give The Volturi Some Faces!!

AS FAR AS I sources have confirmed that these are the official pictures of the Volturi. If I find out that they are fakes not only will I be pissed off(because these looking FUCKING AMAZING) but I will let you all know and possibly take them down...possibly. Let us know what you all think!

Click for a bigger view

Be Safe--Susie

Sunday, July 26, 2009

What Do You Mean You Haven't Read Wide Awake?!

Wide Awakeward approves the following message

If you've been a fan of our videos then you are fully aware that I am a HUGE fan of Twilight fan fiction. One of the first Twifics I ever reviewed on Fan Fiction Wednesday was Wide Awake. Check that video out HERE. Since then many Twilight fans have become big fans of this fic (devoted as much to WA as to Twilight itself...yest it is possible) and we all have been anticipating the final chapters to be posted. While I haven't gotten a chance to re-read the fic as of yet, Super Secret Twilight Blog has begun a Wide Awake weekly discussion every Friday. I urge you to please go and check it out right HERE

Excitingly the final chapters of Wide Awake are slowly being posted!!! My inner WA fangirl is giddy! Chapter 50 posted earlier this week and while I was browsing my Facebook this morning the fan page for Wide Awake announced that Part 1 of chapter 51 has been posted!

If you have not read Wide Awake yet...first off shame on you...but please go and read it! Then go over to Super Secret Twilight Blog and show your WA support by joining in on her weekly discussion.

Be Safe--Susie

Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic Con Portraits HOT!!

Rob, Kristen, Ashley, and Taylor

Ashley, Rob, Kristen, and Taylor


Check out all the portraits from Comic Con HERE

These New Moon Clips DESERVE Reaction Videos!

Sadly, unfortunately I too could not go to Comic Con and yesterday at the panel they showed not one but two New Moon never before seen clips. I want to give a big THANK YOU to Peace,Love,Twilight and The Danger Magnet for posting the youtube videos of these scenes. To whomever recorded these I also thank you! I decided that, Yes, these clips were worthy of a reaction video and they are worthy of YOUR reaction videos as well! So leave a video response to the video below or send us an email with your reaction video and we will post it here on the blog! I hope you all enjoy my weird faces!

Here are the videos! If you haven't seen them yet than set that camera to RECORD and send your reactions our way!

Jacob and Bella on the Motorcycles

Bella In Volterra

BE SAFE--Susie

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic-Con Madness!

Ok so I have made a video! Yes finally Aimee is back with another video! Sadly I have to say it kinda sucks LOL- didn't want to spoil people with information they may not want so sadly did not have much to say even though Comic-Con Summit panel was today. I would recommend everyone who wants more info on the panel or to see the multitudes of Q&A vids to head over to TwiCrack Addict or Twilight Lexicon.

And here- just for you!

That's what she said...

Also want to say a big, HUGE thank you to everyone who has come on the site this past month- we have had 600+ hits in our first month from all over the world and to me that is AWESOME! so again THANK YOU!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Moon Site Officially Launched!

New picture that I haven't seen before! Eeep! LOVES IT!

EXCITING news from Summit Entertainment today! They have officially launched the New Moon website! Its still somewhat sparse but I'm sure the closer the movie gets the more goodies they'll have for all of us!

This lovely patchwork art was created by the oh so talented TwiCrackAddict!! Click below to go to the new official website!

Be Safe--Susie

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Saving Grace

So I'm sitting here at work in Hotel Hell a.k.a. Days Inn front desk and its been kind of a shitastic day. I went from one job to the other and one manager is gone for the week and has been replaced with our owner, who makes Cruella De Ville look like the president of PETA and at Hotel Hell the bossman is about as dumb as a pile of dung and a smart ass to boot. I had to train a newbie today, that has my hopes up because honestly the good ones never stick around this place. Needless to say after she left I needed a Twifix BAD! So I hop on Twitter to update my many fans(yeah right) and low and behold the glorious PLT (Peace,Love,Twilight) has a nifty little update about new Rob pictures from US Weekly. Not just a few but 40!! Yeah you saw it right....40! If anything cheers me up, its jawporn, cigarettes, and brooding poses! I flipped through the deliciousness and these, darling Twilighters, are my favorites.

That face could brighten any woman's day!

Even when he's goofy, he is so damn adorable!

That is the luckiest damn cigarette on the fucking planet!

Take it off...please take it off!!

This by far is my favorite intense wet look

This is Rob's "WTF" look...even THAT is sexy

Be Safe--Susie

Monday, July 20, 2009

Released New Moon Photos and AnF is CALLING ALL ARTISTS!!

Today's Manipulation Monday video wasn't just about reviewing fan art. It was about calling out all those artists out there that watch our Youtube channel and view this blog!

We consider ourselves part of a kick ass Twilight Fandom Family and we want you to be a part of the love too!

You show me your talent and I'll show you mine...

So if you have a creative streak and would like to be featured on our page than email us, leave a message at the end of the post, or even give us a shout in the Cbox and we will proudly show your talents to the world!! Because we ALL know that without all of the devoted fans, The Twilight Saga would have been just another tween romance novel and Robert Pattinson would still be that cute guy from Goblet of Fire.

Avada!!...I just can't do it...hes' too damn cute to kill!


In the last few days(and one last week, sorry we are kinda up to our ass in life on our end) there have been three officially released pictures for New Moon and while alot of blogs have shared them already, how could we not jump on the bandwagon and put in our Twicents!

Can't look too long...must remember that i'm Team Edward...losing focus...must love dogs...ahhhh

I love this picture! Throw in Bella's loneliness and apprehension(holy shit is that a slight case of emotion on Kristen's face?!) and add a dash of Jacob's devotion and innocence (not to mention a delicious set of puppy eyes) and you got yourself a melt your heart moment!!

People are speculating that this is a set up shot of the Bella and Alice reunion right before jetting off to Italy. It so nice to have some new juicy footage to share.

Here is a more detail HD close up version of Alice. I am hardcore loving the new contacts. I swear I've mentioned that one too many times in videos but I really do! Can't say I like the hair though. It's too flat for the Alice look. It will probably grow on me.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST...the picture that makes
me feel like a pedophile

While this picture is kinda sexy, the over the shoulder shot seems a bit too Coppertone Baby for me. There have been other pictures that didn't make me feel so sleazy and just looking at this one makes me slightly uncomfortable. I'm not sure whether its the semi innocent look on his face or my inner randy pervert that is internally whispering "pane down"

And on that Jolly Note....Be Safe!!


Friday, July 17, 2009


And No it isn't Tom Felton or Channing Tatum- it has been confirmed that Xaxier Samuel, an Austrialian Actor, has been cast as Riley in Eclipse. This is the first cast announcement for characters we are dying to see in Eclipse. You can see more information on the announcement at the Twilight Lexicon.

Still no word on any cast decision for Leah or Seth Clearwater. I know everyone is dying for this announcement- including us!

Me and Susie are sorry that we've been so hit and miss with videos this week- we both have finally recovered from the trip we took this past weekend to Maryland and are ready to get back to work on our videos. We promised you some pictures from our weekend (and have already shared a few) but here's a couple more featuring our wonderful Mini-E.

Where's the mountain lion?

No Bella don't jump!

I wonder how long they will sleep?

This Brings back memories for Mini-E

You are my sunshine...

Hope you enjoyed those- we did! Be on the lookout for more Mini-E adventures through the wilds of Maryland and Pennsylvania (and all the way back to Kentucky.)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Moon Footage, Tuesday Video, and Thursday Bloopers!

Now that Aimee and I are all unpacked and settling back down from the adrenaline high of being out of this po dunk town for a few days, we are back! Work is still the same, the people are still the same, and the one thing that I looked forward to was catching up on all the news that I missed while away. Turns out there's been a couple of awesome things surfacing.

Mmmm....Wet Rob Surfacing

First off, I'm sure you may want our opinion on the whole Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson preggers thing.

Uhhh Yeah I Don't Think So

We here at ApplesnFeathers aren't too keen on gossip. Its disrespectful to the actors/actresses that we love so to that whole mess, we call a huge BULLSHIT and then continue with some relevant news.

We didn't have a Friday video(sorry wolf pack fans, I promise we will have one this week), we didn't have a Monday video(I had a type of jet lag only we weren't on a plane but in an uncomfortable PT Cruiser that made my ass and back ache) so here is the anticipated Tuesday video!

If you didn't watch today's video and you still want to watch the New Moon Footage then click the video below!

Contest Announcement!!!!!!!!

Over at they are having a sweepstakes where you can win the following beautiful and coveted prizes!

The Edward picture is signed by both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
The New Moon picture is signed by Robert Pattinson!!

You can enter once a day so bookmark THIS PAGE and enter!

Question of the Day: If you got to pick the ULTIMATE PRIZE in a Twilight Saga contest or sweepstakes, what would it be? Leave us a comment and let us know!


Here's some crazy blooper footage from Thursday's video that we did with our friend Stacy. She is a Twilight convert and while she isn't as addicted as us, she has read the books, loved the movie, and is anticipating New Moon. She is 24 and proud to be a Twilight Fan, even though sometimes she likes to tease us about our Twiobsession!

Watch Thursday's video HERE!

Be Safe--Susie

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We've Had The Time Of Our Life!

The lovely ladies of ApplesnFeathers!

We have had a wonderful time here in Maryland, but all good things must come to an end. We are leaving tomorrow around 9, but Aimee and I decided to visit beautiful Pennsylvania and go to Gettysburg. Sadly, Aimee's digital camera ran out of juice today while we were having lunch and our remaining pictures will have to be on both the digital(once it charges)and the lovely Kodak throwaway. We are going to try our best to get those developed on Monday*fingers crossed* because there are some really special pictures on that camera! The rest will be put up for you all ASAP! Here's a couple of Mini E moments we caught on Friday night!

At the meet n greet, we attempted to convince Mini E that it tastes just like mountain lion

This raffle basket is nothing but vampire merchandise...

Our sweet M.E. was sad that he wasn't part of the deal and proceeded to sneak in!

The estrogen level started becoming too much for Mini E so he hid behind Susie's purse!

Be Safe--Susie

Friday, July 10, 2009

Edward Travels to Maryland

So we and Edward of course traveled a long 6 hours to Maryland to attend a Nora Roberts book signing. On the way we made several stops and Edward welcomed the chance to get out of the car and stretch his legs.

LOOK it's Edward's spit in a CAN!

Mini-E jamming to Van Morrison- RPattz approves!

Edward needed a little exercise by the time we entered Maryland

Mini-E is enjoying the sun in his very own private meadow

Mini-E offered to drive the last part of the trip

More to come tomorrow! We're heading to bed!
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