Monday, August 31, 2009

Mitch Hansen Band On MTV?

Yes Twifan it is true! Mitch Hansen Band posted this on their Twitter about an hour ago...

The link leads to the World Premiere of the "By You" Video! I am so beyond excited about this. Aimee and I are big fans of MHB's work and we are so happy that they are getting some MTV attention.

If you haven't heard of Mitch Hansen Band...what planet have you been on?! I'm sorry I shouldn't be that harsh on you all. MHB is Twilight inspired band led by Mitch Hansen. Learn why exactly a grown family man would write and perform songs about the Twilight Saga HERE!

Follow The Mitch Hansen Band on Twitter @mitchhansenband

And of course here is the music video "By You". The song itself is about Bella's feelings and emotional turmoil during New Moon...ENJOY!! Afterwards go to MTV and read the article about MHB's hopes at being on the New Moon Soundtrack!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

2010 Rob Calendar...Delicious

The Rob Pattinson 2010 Calendar has arrived! They(whoever they is) picked out some truly delicious pictures for us all to drool over in the next year. June is both me and Aimee's birthday month and I plan to lick...I..mean...LOOK at this picture until my eyes go blurry!

You can view the rest of the months Here and purchase the calendar Here!

Okay one more to leave your hearts pumping....

Be Safe--Susie

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stephanie Meyer Confims First Single From New Moon Soundtrack

Stephanie Meyer released the exclusive Soundtrack cover...its still the same thing we've seen on the poster and it will more than likely be the DVD cover as well but still...big news!

Don't worry...There's MORE!!

Today on Stephanie Meyer's website she announced the newest info on the anticpated New Moon Soundtrack(available for pre order on Amazon)

I just received the following announcement from Atlantic Records (the record label that produced the Twilight Soundtrack):

The first single has officially been confirmed for the New Moon Soundtrack! Death Cab for Cutie has written an exclusive song for the movie entitled 'Meet Me On the Equinox.' Below is a statement from the band about the song:

"We are very excited to be a part of this amazing series of novels set in our own backyard. It just seemed a perfect synergy that a band from the Northwest would create a song for a series of novels set in the Northwest. We wrote 'Meet Me On the Equinox' to reflect the celestial themes and motifs that run throughout the Twilight series and we wanted to capture that desperate feeling of endings and beginnings that so strongly affect the main characters. This song marks the first attempt that Death Cab for Cutie has ever made at contributing new, unreleased material for a film and we are proud to be a part of the Twilight legacy." — Nick Harmer / Death Cab for Cutie

Be Safe--Susie

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Moon BORED Game... Pre Order Yours Today!

No I did not misspell the title. I am very apprehensive with the latest news of the release of the New Moon board game in October. Why you may ask? A little back story....

A while back Aimee and I were super excited and overly anxious( that's how we get when new Twilight products come out...don't judge us cause you do it too) because the Twilight Board Game was going to be coming out. Aimee and I often lead pretty boring lives, between work and the occasional social gathering of friends, one of our favorite pastimes and bonding activities is playing board games and card games. We heard that it was going to be sold at Wal-Mart so we obsessively scanned the game department during each shopping visit and even once or twice(maybe thrice) called Information to see if it was in stock yet. Unfortunately, our friend Sarah(the original enabler of my Twilight obsession) got her hands on it first. Since we were so damn stoked we borrowed it from her the first chance we got.

Low and behold...DISAPPOINTMENT

Honestly, I don't know if disappointment is even the right word for the crap that is the Twilight Board Game. First off it was the most uncreative game I have ever played. Even with 4 or more players it would have been beyond boring. You could tell it was focused on tweens but even they would have been bored to tears. The "challenge" questions, if that's what you want to call them, had nothing to do with the series and more to do with childish stupidity. After we finished the game itself, which took all of maybe 20 minutes, we decided to sift through all of the cards to see if there was ANYTHING interesting at all in the pile. Not only was it still a bunch of hooey, there were MISTAKES!! We counted 3 spelling mistakes and 2 wrong answers...are you fucking kidding?! Don't they have proofreaders for this kind of thing? My 5 year old Goddaughter could have done a better damn job at making this game fun and exciting.

Surprisingly(and I say that in the most sarcastic way possible) we did not purchase the Twilight Board Game. We did however end up with our very own when we won it. It now sits adoringly(unopened) on our living room bookshelf with other Twilight Saga paraphernalia. While it sucked donkey balls as an actually game, it makes a nice edition to our continually growing collection!

Now the New Moon board game is coming out. I do not have any plans to purchase this game until I've seen reviews of it by other fans because if it is not going to entertain me, I don't want it.

On the other hand if you all want to take a leap of faith and have the New Moon Board Game in your twifreak hands than you can pre order it HERE

On A Side Note: If you do get it please message us in some form or fashion and tell us what you thought about it and whether it is worth the purchase.

Be Safe--Susie

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sneak Peek Into Sexiness

Thinking Of Rob has posted some amazing sneak peeks to an unreleased photo shoot of everyone's favorite walking orgasm.

Here are just a few for your quick viewing pleasure...view the rest HERE

Intense cuddle face

The most amazing eyes known to womankind...Thank You God

If I could just get my teeth on that jaw**NOM**

You wanna know why he's looking down? I'm off camera ;-)

I bet that bottom lip tastes like heaven

Now that I've made myself all hot and bothered....cold shower is needed. Enjoy the pictures ladies!!

Be Safe--Susie

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ok I just totally had a joy-gasm. This wonderful video (yanked from Twitarded) is by the very talented Mrs. Vanquish. OME- I have just had a total and complete le petite mort (google it if you don't know what it means, I dare you).

In other wonderful news that is completely non-twilight related, I have a date with a guy who doesn't mind my Twilight obsession. Uh huh he says that now LOL. Neither here nor there I know but it got me almost as excited as that video as I haven't had a date in forever.

Back to Twilight news Summit has released the cast list for Eclipse- it is as follows:

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan
Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen
Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black

Cullen Family
Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen
Peter Facinelli as Dr. Carlisle
Elizabeth Reaser as Esme Cullen
Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen
Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale
Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale

Wolf Pack
Chaske Spencer as Sam Uley
Bronson Pelletier as Jared
Alex Meraz as Paul
Kiowa Gordon as Embry Call
Tyson Houseman as Quil Ateara

Other Quileutes
Gil Birmingham as Billy Black
Tinsel Korey as Emily

Nomad Vampires
Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria

Cameron Bright as Alec
Charlie Bewley as Demetri
Daniel Cudmore as Felix
Dakota Fanning as Jane

Additional Returning Cast Members
Billy Burke as Charlie Swan
Sarah Clarke as Renee Dwyer
Anna Kendrick as Jessica
Michael Welch as Mike
Christian Serratos as Angela
Justin Chon as Eric

New Cast Members
Xavier Samuel as Riley
Catalina Sandino Moreno as Maria
Jack Huston as Royce King
Julia Jones as Leah Clearwater
BooBoo Stewart as Seth Clearwater
Jodelle Ferland as Bree
I was so happy to finally see the full cast list. Looks like everyone we've been waiting to hear about has been cast. Now we can start looking for who will be cast for Breaking Dawn- can't wait!

Sorry guys this was so late in getting this news up. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Susie's TwiFic Awards Nomination Recs and A Special Announcement

You all know that I love my Twilight Fan Fiction. I try to chime in every week with the Wide Awake discussion on Super Secret Twilight Blog. I support and love the stories my bloggy sisters have written. If I don't have a physical book to read I run straight to the computer to to find something to keep me occupied.

Therefore I have two big announcements.

"Quit trying to bone me for a second so I can hear what Susie has to say..."

First off, the TwiFic Awards are currently taking nominations. If you are a TwiFic fan than this is a big deal! I have entered my nominations and I wanted to share with you all who I personally think deserves to be in the following categories!
**Click on the titles to read these stories**

Best Romance: Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003

Best Suspense: Edge of Night by Untypically Jia

Best Comedy: From Nessie To Jasper by Miss Southern Belle

Best Angst: Buried Among The Begonias by DurtyNelly

Best Alternative Universe: I Love You Like Sid and Nancy by DurtyNelly

Best All Human: Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003

Most Original Plot: Eight Years Later by jmeyer

Best Use of Secondary Characters: Dear Diary by alice_laughed

Best Non Canon Pairing: Breathe Again by Ysar

Best One Shot: These Things I Hide by openmouthwideeye

Best Kiss: Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003

Best Lemon: Answering Bell by ilsuocantante

Best Edward: Buried Among The Begonias by DurtyNelly

Best Bella: Breathe Me by afragilelittlehuman

Best Jacob: Breathe Again by Ysar

Best Outtake/Companion Fic: Envy by Ysar

Best Slash, Best Sequel, and Best Challenge fics are N/A for me

Yes I favor certain TwiFics because obviously I love the storylines so in certain categories I couldn't help but choose a fic several times

Go HERE to nominate your favorite TwiFics! Do it ASAP because nominations close September 15th!

On another Fan Fiction note, I am going to be starting a break off blog from this main blog dedicated strictly to Twilight Fan Fiction. I will also have a small section on it for other vampire series that I read. Its still a work in progress because I want it to look nice. I don't plan on having a separate followers list for this blog as it is a continuation of this one so there will eventually be a button on this main page that will lead you to it and vice versa.

Be Safe--Susie

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Maria and Royce King II Have Been Cast!

Summitt has announced that Catalina Sandino Moreno will be playing the part of the mysteriously intriguing Maria in the upcoming Eclipse. As you all know Maria is Jasper's creator, confidant, and essentially his nightmare during the first part of his vampire life.

She looks very lovely and I'm sure once she is in full costume, she will look just as I have always imagined Maria to look; A dark and dangerous beauty. Congratulations Catalina!

Also just in from Peace,Love,Twilight Blog actor Jack Huston has been chosen to play Royce King II in a flashback for Eclipse. The role of Royce King II is small but pivotal piece of Rosalie's human history that I have always found fascinating. I really hope this guy can give it his all.

He looks smoldering in this picture but not quite dangerous. Sources say he will only be in a flashback which probably means not a lot of face time, but if they do the wardrobe and makeup right, I think that he would pull off an aristocratic "gentleman" from the time of The Great Depression.

What do you all think about these picks? Good? Bad? Tell us your opinions!

Be Safe--Susie

So What If It's In French?

So the NEW New Moon Trailer that is showing before Bandslam(PUKE!) has been leaked online. Now it keeps getting taken down by Summit which is completely reasonable because those money grabbing bastards want us Twihards to go see Bandslam. Hate to break it to you boys, but there is no fucking way I'm going to see that crap sooooo.....I'm guessing other people felt the same way. It is in French, but even in French it is worth it. Now if the link I'm going to leave you has already been pulled and your inner Spoiler Bunny is freaking the fuck out then go to Youtube and type in "French New Moon Trailer Bandslam"....I'm sure it will reveal something!

Go HERE to watch the Trailer I Found

Be Safe--Susie

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kevin Smith, Twilight, and Moist

Twitarded posted this video yesterday along with two other videos that essentially make fun of the Twilight movies/books. As a huge fan of Kevin Smith's work, I laughed my ass off when he was discussing the New Moon clip and the adolescent fan girls.

As fan's of the Twilight Saga, we tend to protect what we love so much, but we must also remember that not everyone is a fan. At least not to the extreme that some of us are. We deal with that, but most all we have to learn to laugh at the spoofs or the people that make fun of our fandom because that's what a true fan is all about. Loyalty with laughter!

Here's the Kevin Smith clip courtesy of Twitarded!

New Moon 14 Second Teaser Trailer- ENJOY!

Courtesy of Twilight Lexicon.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Teen Choice Awards Renamed?

Muwhaaa...Robward is plotting...

Fox's Teen Choice Awards were last night. While the inner fan girl in me would have given her right tit to be there last night, I also did not want to be in the presence of all those screaming tweens. It would have turned into a brawl because honestly the first squealer that let loose in my ear would have been slapped. Everyone was so confused last night because it's not actually airing until tonight at 8pm, but I don't have to worry about that because all I wanted was the visual Twiporn that occurred yesterday. Thinking of Rob not only has some great pictures but also video. I basically watched the videos to reassure my inner fan girl that its a good thing we didn't go to the TCAs because we would have went to jail for assault of a minor.

My favorite gal to go to for amazing pictures is My Brand Of Heroin. She has kick ass galleries of the TMA's so go right here to check those out.

I got online this morning and the Associated Press had the winners announced. If you want to see ALL the winners, not just Twilight click on their link for the entire list.

Without further ado...

The Twilight Tween Choice Awards!!

Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene won for Choice Fresh Face Male and Female

Cam Gigandet won for Movie Villan and Movie Rumble with Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson won Movie Liplock

The duo also won Movie Actor and Movie Actress in a Drama

Paramore won for Music Rock Group, Music Rock Song for "Decode"
and the Music Soundtrack award also went to Twilight

After all those awards, obviously Twilight won for Movie Drama

Robert Pattinson graciously shared the stage with Megan Fox
*cough Whore cough*

and took home the Male and Female Hottie awards

It was a bit of a repeat of the MTV Movie Awards only I didn't get to vote, The Jonas Brothers actually won awards, and tween psychos were in full force. It makes me feel kind of old because this kind of award show really shows a huge chunk of the Twilight Saga fan base.

I'm thinking I might need to watch the show tonight just to see Twilight sweep it up! Fox at 8pm tonight. This way you can squeal in the privacy of your own home

Be Safe--Susie

Friday, August 7, 2009

Quick Update on Cast in Vancouver

According to Peter Facinelli's Twitter account tonight apparently some of the cast will be doing fight training tomorrow. YES FIGHT TRAINING! This makes me so happy because the part of Eclipse I'm really looking forward to is the Vampire/Wolves practice sessions and of course the battle with the newborns! Still only hearing reports of Peter, Elizabeth, Kellan, Nikki, and Taylor being in Vancouver (of the main cast- we know there are other actors there as well). *fan girl squeal* Soon the set stalking will begin!

PC Died...

Just to let you guys know, our PC has died from a virus- we're hoping to get it fixed and we still have the laptop. I don't know what problems this might cause us for our wireless router as we're fixing but if we're down for a couple days sometime (probably this weekend) it will be because we're fixing the PC.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cast Arriving in Vancouver!

Slowly some of the cast members have begun to arrive in Vancouver for the filming of Eclipse. Check out My Brand of Heroin for a picture gallery. So far Charlie Bewley, Xavier Samuel, Bryce Dallas Howard, Elizabeth Reaser, and Nikki Reed have arrived in Vancouver. Peter Facinelli recently tweeted about heading out there! So get ready Twifans because now that Eclipse filming has begun all those juicy tidbits are sure to come our way!

Be Safe--Susie

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Moon Products Are Turning Susie into a Pedophile!

Some screen shots of the 2010 New Moon calendar was posted online today! Not only does the picture for September make me weak in the knees...

But click on the next picture and check out the sexiness that is April.

I keep telling myself that I'm not a pedophile and I keep reminding myself that Taylor is only a kid but if they keep putting him in pictures like this I have no will power to not have dirty thoughts...I'm a woman and he looks like he could use a woman's touch(Oh God...sorry!)

Be Safe--Susie

Top 10 Signs You Just Might Be A Twilightaholic by The Danger Magnet

The Danger Magnet has the a fun and very true list of the top ten things that might make you a Twilightaholic. I proudly have committed most of these acts. I am not ashamed to be a Twifreak in the least, and I hope none of you are either. Go and check out her list HERE and then see my answers below!

1. I have not heard of Twilight Google…this makes me angry that I haven’t so I’m going to try it after finishing this comment.(I did right after I finished this comment to TDM and I'm more than likely going to use it from now on!)

2. I do have an apple tattooed on my wrist…most people think its the fruit of knowledge but Twifans know differently

Yeah I went there!

3. I have on 2 occasions now (accidentally) overdrawn my bank account due to Twishopping…I swear I’m about to open a separate checking account just for my addictions

I am SO ready for this Fall!

4. I live and breathe updates. I check Twitter, blogs, Youtube, and any other website that happens to be bookmarked either at the home or work computer. Then I check for any updates on any of the fan fictions I’m reading at the time so I guess that answers number 8 also LOL.

5. I have a Youtube channel and a blog (shared with the roomie) and both are Twilight related. Going back to number 8 I review Twilight fan fiction on there too

This button was made by the awesome Betti! Not only do her
creative online skills rock...she is a kick ass musician too!

6. I haven’t gotten the chance to purchase one yet but as soon as I do its going on my car
More than likely it will be this one!

7. I don’t do SIMS

Because THIS is fucking CREEPY!

8. I believe I’ve already answered this one although I have never attempted do write one myself (I'm adding a space on the blog soon that will lead viewers to my favorite Twifics...I'm thinking Susie's Fan Fiction Corner!)

Yeah WideAwakeward I'm talking about you!

9. I live in no man’s land but I did wait in line for 2 hours for the midnight release of the DVD

10. I want another animal so I can give it a Twilight name…I swear I want a black cat to name Esme!

This little darling was even named BELLA! I want ONE!

Are you a Twilightaholic? Tell The Danger Magnet all about it by responding to her post!

Be Safe--Susie

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Promo Pics!

I'm going to say it again like I have a million times...I LOVE THE NEW CONTACTS!! The newest promotional pictures/posters premiered online today and how could I not share them!




And of COURSE!!!

BTW...This is now my desktop background...for a while anyway!

Be Safe--Susie
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