Friday, July 24, 2009

These New Moon Clips DESERVE Reaction Videos!

Sadly, unfortunately I too could not go to Comic Con and yesterday at the panel they showed not one but two New Moon never before seen clips. I want to give a big THANK YOU to Peace,Love,Twilight and The Danger Magnet for posting the youtube videos of these scenes. To whomever recorded these I also thank you! I decided that, Yes, these clips were worthy of a reaction video and they are worthy of YOUR reaction videos as well! So leave a video response to the video below or send us an email with your reaction video and we will post it here on the blog! I hope you all enjoy my weird faces!

Here are the videos! If you haven't seen them yet than set that camera to RECORD and send your reactions our way!

Jacob and Bella on the Motorcycles

Bella In Volterra

BE SAFE--Susie


  1. hi,
    just found your blog by accident and i've been having the most fun time/evening watching your videos :) i'm a TWIfan from finland (27years old and a mother of 3). i discovered the world of twilight last december, when i saw the first movie with a friend and then we read the books and become totally obsessed *lol* we were even crazy enough to go to italy in may to see the filming and what a journey it was!!! we saw robert, dakota, charlie bewley, daniel cudmore and the director chris weitz. we also saw the crew prepairing the square for shooting and extras rehearsing :) O.M.G!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!! and i just had to comment and tell you that i just love your reactions to the can just imagine my excitement when i saw that volterra/montepulciano clip...i have photos of me and my friend standing right there, where bella comes running to the squere and we stood at the same spot where edward is standing!! i'm so gonna cry in november when the film comes out!! our next TWIdream is to travel to forks and to the filming locations in portland and in vancouver ;)

    now i'm babbling, but just wanted to say hi and keep the videos coming and blog running :)


    ps. i totally fucking love darkward and wide awake too *sigh*

  2. Wow, maarit!
    that is suuuuper amazing!! it sounds like you had an amazing experience! i wish i could have gone to italy!! lol

  3. Jealousy is pouring out of my ears Maarit! I'm so glad you discovered us by accident! You sound like you've had a wild fun Twilight experience and I'm sure it will get even better! Please follow us because we would love to hear from you often!!


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