Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is the IRS stalking me???

Was just looking over the states on the blog today since facebook won't let me on and play mafia wars...grrrr...sorry not the point. Anyways I was looking at where everyone was coming from- new zealand, japan, germany, poland, alaska, a repeat offender from apparently 737 miles away (this one makes me really curious because just says US 737 miles...hmm) and I noticed one from DC. I go and look closer and the IP address is from the US Dept of the Treasury- so I think to myself, "am i being monitored by the gov't?" Well I'm pretty sure the answer is no, that our Government does have open and closet cases of thank you everyone, from around the world for viewing our blog!

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  1. It's also stunning sometimes to seeon which google searches people are led to certain websites. Today I found a very cool one. See:
    *ROTFLMAO* I have absolutely NO IDEA how come google showed my blog to this *cough, cough*

    Anyway... you girls rock! I saw you subscribed to my blog. GREAT!!!!
    And I embedded your sweet vid today. See:

    There's a preview of the cd cover too.
    Have you decided about the music yet? I'm ready to send it.

    Love, Betti :-)


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