Monday, September 28, 2009

Susie Rants Remakes,Small Town Living, and Praises Anya Marina

I'm going sprinkle a little bit of everything over your brains today folks. I wanted to cover the New Moon news first before I went on my rampage of "connection" news.

He's mocking me with his sexy pout..why hast thou forsaken me?

As all of you know "The Sexy Stars of New Moon" has come out. Aimee and I were extremely unfortunate in that we didn't get our hands on the original beautifulness "The Sexy Stars of Twilight" and now...theres another one!!! This is one of my BIG problems with living in a small town away from a mall or normal people. Grrr. One of our bloggy sisters said she found hers at Food Lion so I said..."TO THE FOOD LION!!!" but of course our shitty branch didn't have it. I've looked at both Wal-Mart, Kroger, and will be checking our bookstore as well. I did this same crazy ass dance when the Precious came out and I never had any luck so i'm not expecting a golden onion during this hunt either. This FUCKING SUCKS! I'll more than likely...eventually have to go online and buy them...ohhhh to have a Barnes and Noble would be a true blessing!

Anya Marina released "Satellite Heart" on her Myspace page. It is 1 of the 15 songs on the New Moon Soundtrack. Click on this quirky picture to go directly to her page to hear the song.

Susie's Opinion: This is my kind of music! I consider myself having very eclectic tastes when it comes to music, liking a little taste of everything but when it comes down to the nitty gritty there are few genres that I connect with. This artists acoustic mellow sound and smooth haunted voice makes for a perfect addition to the New Moon Soundtrack. So I give it two kick ass thumbs up! BTW that is two for two so far with the music i've heard for the soundtrack so far. I have a good feeling about this CD.

Be Prepared! Be Afraid! Be...Confused and ANGRY!!!!!!!!

Just don't make Jacob upset *Hee Hee*

Its Hardcore Rant Time! How do you know? Because, Hello? Those words are capitalized and followed by an exclamation point. What's todays topic? Nightmare on Elm Street...the remake. Now hopefully you all see why this is a "connection" news, because the scrumdidlyumpscious that is Kellan Lutz is in this film.

I really don't want to see this face (or that body) get mangled, maimed, or destroyed

If you've been reading our blog for a while you all know that I am a HUGE horror movie fan. Granted I'm mostly only spoke of my love of vampire movies I have an adoration for the other ghouls, ghosts, monsters, and psychos that surface in this genre. So now you will know why I'm perplexed. I don't want to like remakes. I want to be angry and loathing them. I want to stomp around screaming my hatred the same annoying manner as an obese toddler in a Pic n Save begging for a box of cakes. My mind is a swirling confusion of should I hate it or nots...and I don't know what to do! I have loved the remakes of Halloween(because anything Rob Zombie does is genius), Amityville Horror(gave me a new respect for Ryan Reynolds), and Friday the 13th(shit Jason is actually moving!). So why not like the new version of Nightmare? There one very specific reason I'm not 100% gung ho.

Englund vs Haley

The New Freddy. With Halloween and Friday the 13th the villans wore masks so who give a flying patootie who plays them as long as they look scary. Freddy Kruger though is a full fledged character that was molded and perfected Robert Englund. With a classic character who is rounded with a personality other than coming at you slowly with a machete or knife, you can see why as a horror fan i'm reluctant. The actor is Jackie Earle Haley and he has a long ass movie credit according IMDB but can he do it? I may see it just to see the new developments that Haley may bring to it. I've grown accustom to Englund's face and I feel out of my comfort zone seeing a new Freddy...completely. So i'll give it a shot because at least the trailer looks pretty damn good.

A Nightmare on Elm Street in HD

I know this had nothing to do with Twilight but when something comes along and disrupts my pre Twilight childhood treasures. I get a little anxious and scared simply because I'm not fond of change. So to make up for it. Here is my currently favorite manipulation.

I don't know who the artist is but all I know is it makes me tingly and a bit naughty.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Moon Soundtrack Full Song List Released

Ok, Ok, we're late getting this up but here it is. The New Moon Soundtrack:


Ok So I freely admit I have never heard of most these groups but then again I hadn't heard of many that were on the Twilight Soundtrack and those have become some of my all-time favorite songs. I'm hoping these tracks will be the same. As always you can pre-order the soundtrack at amazon here.


There are scenes in this I have not seen before but OMG they are awesome! This is the greatest trailer I have seen for New Moon and it's not even an official one! This makes me look forward to the movie even more! Less than 2 months WOOT!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Moon Extended Trailer from VMAs and 1st song from soundtrack

Very slight differences from the trailer we linked in our last post which is the trailer seen before Sorority Row. This has a few more quotable lines. Enjoy!

Death Cab for Cutie's "Meet Me on the Equinox" full song.

Don't know why these players from MTV are larger than most LOL. enjoy!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Holy Volturi! NEW New Moon Trailer!!

And you thought the other trailers and sneak peeks were amazing? Well shit you all ain't seen nothing yet...This trailer makes all the other trailers look like steaming piles of elephant dung!! You wanna see for yourself than click the picture.

Fan made poster that I LOVE!

I honestly don't know how long this will be available. They keep yanking it off Youtube so if you can't view it on here than look around. Just type in the search browser: New Moon trailer Sorority Row and you should find something!

Be Safe-Susie

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Twilight Porn...No I'm Not Joking

Originally I was going to do a story on how the term "Sighting" kinda creeps me out. Instead this afternoon I stumbled upon articles by two bloggy friends (TwiSessed and Twilog) about a new Twilight parody coming out in October. As I am quite fond of parodies especially for something I already love I was excited to here about a brand new one. Then I snapped out of my little trance, kept reading, and got the shock of my one word....Porn


Yeah I'm seriously not joking. According to the Twilight Examiner:

On October 15, 2009, Devil's Film will release This Isn't Twilight: The XXX Parody, starring Jenna Haze. Read the rest of her article here.

I have to say that I'm slightly intrigued by this. My inner pervert is screaming, "FINALLY something I can really sink my teeth into!" That is however until I saw this...


I was hoping for at least an actor that slightly just slightly resembled Robert Pattinson or even Edward Cullen before RPattz came along, but this? No, no, no...he's not even remotely attractive! I'm more attracted to the actresses that are portraying Bella and Victoria. Speaking of Bella the porn star, apparently that is Jenna Haze, someone who is a big star in the Adult Industry. Rock out! If they can get someone of that ranking in their little movie than shit this must be a big deal.

I do like how they attempted to mimic the DvD cover albeit badly

Oh Sweet Innocence...Where Hast Thou Gone?

But I do have to agree with people that "Porn James" looks more like Carslile should. The tagline though is very that cheesy, shaggin kind of way.

When You Can Fuck Forever. ..
You Can Fuck Everybody

Yeeaahhh...You stay classy Twilight! I'm pretty sure Stephanie Meyers is freaking the fuck out over this! I'm thinkin her Mormon lifestyled brain will not be able to handle this..nope, not at all.

On the other hand, who knows maybe this perverted romp will be creative, sensual, and funny as fuck! Not to mention it may bring us some men. Let's think about this...So your Hubby or BF doesn't want to watch Twilight with you again...but would they say no to a porn? Probably this ladies could be our new tool (ha ha tool) of destruction in bedding men Twilight Style!! And if that shit doesn't work you can still have fun with your last resort...

The Vamp!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Copyrights suck....and Robsten Rant.

So we were gonna do a post with the new photos of Rob- which were to die for I really hope you got to see them- but apparently there's a problem with copyright laws or some such thing and sites are being told to take them we're not posting them. I know, I know- it is very disappointing. The lovely ladies from Twitarded have solved our problem- they did their own Robward pics!

As for other random news- Peter Facinelli was tweeting from 30,000 ft and gave us these amazing pics of him and Lou Ferrigno (ya know, The Incredible Hulk).
PFach always makes me laugh.

Now in other other news- has anyone seen the OK! magazine that says Rob and Kristen are Engaged?!? WTF? I mean seriously- I had to buy it just to make fun of it. Because really- they are taking old news, the "make-out" session at the Kings of Leon concert, supposedly nights in each others hotel rooms- umm kinda hard to determine if they are staying in the same hotel! and making it into a love-of-the-century media frenzy that may include a real engagement to totally mirror their Twilight characters love and life! um hmm because we all know that real life mirrors movies- whatever. They even go so far as to make it a love triangle with Taylor- that he wants Kristen and Kristen is attracted and Rob is jealous because Taylor gained all that weight and became a sex symbol along with Rob- right, I have such a hard time even trying to read this to critique it. I mean really- I have seen and read as many Rob interviews as I can, it is not news to any of his fans that he doesn't think he's a sex symbol and gets uncomfortable with people thinking he's hot, he has said that he does get jealous in relationships but again I just don't see this whole love triangle thing happening. It's getting ridiculous. Are Rob and Kristen dating? I don't know, don't really care- I can have my Rob fantasies still it's not like I'm actually ever going to meet him (although I would die if I did). Are Rob and Kristen getting it on? Maybe- what's the big deal? They are both unattached and adults. Is Taylor hot for Kristen? Well really who knows? I have to admit she's cute and he's young so maybe he has a crush. Are we going to see a Rob/Taylor smackdown? No. Although it might be nice to watch if they were both half-naked and rubbed down in oil and.....yeah sorry off topic. Anyways, my point here is that this Robsten are they or aren't they is getting ridiculous. It will either come out that they are, and yay for them, or that they aren't, that is was all a media set-up to make the fans even more rabid, then yay for us (in this case we may still have a chance to get Rob! I know i'm delusional)- either way, let them figure it out and let them do it in private (bad choice of words? lol).
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