Thursday, July 9, 2009

Twilight Bedtime Stories

Sorry this is coming so late. Susie has had a very long week working her 2 jobs. Enjoy!

Today's Fan Fiction comes from

Sidenote: You must register to view these stories. Don't worry it doesn't take long!

From Nessie: To Jasper by alice_23

Distractions by teamedwardonly

The Pick of the Week:
And So The Rain Fell Down by Emerald_Sea333

Question of the Day: Who is/are your favorite author(s) other than Stephanie Meyer?

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And gratuitous (did i spell that right?) Rob porn from Aimee:
Can't find the source for this picture anywhere so don't know if it's real or fan made- either way I don't care- it's Rob WET!


  1. that pic is most certainly a manip. no chest hair, nipples too big. since volterra we now know, right?
    (first I was mistakingly thinking you' meant my Bedtime Stories with Rob vid, due to the post title ;-))

    BTW: you know you are free to put the button i made for you here into your "pick up our button" field, don't you? That's what it is for. Thought I'd state, just in case...
    (some people seem to think, the buttons are supposed to be on my blog exclusively.)
    You don't even need to credit (well... you can, of course... uhum)

    Cheers - Betti :-)

  2. I forgot:

    Rob + wet = win!

    Just had to be said.

  3. Thank you Betti *Hugs* will do!!!


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