Sunday, July 26, 2009

What Do You Mean You Haven't Read Wide Awake?!

Wide Awakeward approves the following message

If you've been a fan of our videos then you are fully aware that I am a HUGE fan of Twilight fan fiction. One of the first Twifics I ever reviewed on Fan Fiction Wednesday was Wide Awake. Check that video out HERE. Since then many Twilight fans have become big fans of this fic (devoted as much to WA as to Twilight itself...yest it is possible) and we all have been anticipating the final chapters to be posted. While I haven't gotten a chance to re-read the fic as of yet, Super Secret Twilight Blog has begun a Wide Awake weekly discussion every Friday. I urge you to please go and check it out right HERE

Excitingly the final chapters of Wide Awake are slowly being posted!!! My inner WA fangirl is giddy! Chapter 50 posted earlier this week and while I was browsing my Facebook this morning the fan page for Wide Awake announced that Part 1 of chapter 51 has been posted!

If you have not read Wide Awake yet...first off shame on you...but please go and read it! Then go over to Super Secret Twilight Blog and show your WA support by joining in on her weekly discussion.

Be Safe--Susie

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  1. Seriously I love this pic and wow, these last couple chappies of WA have been amazing!


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