Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A New Victoria...WTF!

It seems that actress Bryce Dallas Howard will be replacing Rachelle Levre as Victoria for Eclipse, which will start filming in August. WTF! I understood though didn't like when they replaced Sam Uley. He on the other hand in "Twilight" only had a couple of lines and one scene. Victoria on the other hand...big deal! Really fucking big deal for the third movie especially! What is everyones thought on this. Help me help you...cause at this point I am flabergasted. As I understand it Rachelle apparently has a future project in the works that is not going to give her an open slot to film Eclipse. Why exactly is Summit dropping this bomb on us now. GAH! Not happy...really not happy!


  1. I am totally with you here! WTF?! It really pisses me off when characters of sequels are replaced...especially one I am obsessed with! Pissed beyond words right now...why the hell does she want to be in an indie film about a pervey man with 3 wives over Staying with the Twilight Saga! Epic Fail Rachelle, Epic Fail...
    p.s. I just stumbled upon your blog via it!

  2. Thank you Twilife! I agree. Rachelle's a kick ass actress and I'm sure she'll be great in the film but that over Twilight Saga...BS!!

  3. I hate it when they dont use the same actors for sequals. They should make sure that the actors can do allll the movies in the sequal before they cast them.Rachelle IS victoria :( buuut bryce dallas howard i think may be the best replacement they get. She is an amazing actress, i just hope she can do as great a job as Rachelle did!! I love bryce dallas howard...but this makes extrememly upset :\ :(
    i kinda think Rachelle is making a mistake choosing the other film over eclipse...but if that's what she wants to do .. :|


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