Monday, July 6, 2009

You've Got Mail!

I checked the mail on my way home from work today and I got 3 packages and a "sorry we missed you" slip! I was so pumped when I walked in the door. Before doing anything else, I had to check out the Awesomeness that was my prizes!

This one I got from Robsten Lovers. Aimee and I both got one! I LOVE IT girls thank you!

I also got this nifty button which will be going on my purse...IMMEDIATELY!

I got another bracelet from Ana Cristina over at
The Danger Magnet...sweet! BTW Ana we have the SAME paper towels LOL!

I got the 3 disc Target edition of Twilight from Kim over at The Twilight Parents Examiner and Twilight Moonlighter!

Thank you ladies for all the lovely gifts and I'm so excited to keep checking the mail for the rest.

Today's video was all about artist interpretation. These artists have read the books and the following pieces are what they saw in their minds. Beautiful! All artists have been given notice and credit for their work and I hope they see this blog and the video to know how much I absolutely love what they have created.

Today's question of the day is more of a request. We want to know, what do you want to see displayed and reviewed on Manipulation Monday! Do you want hand drawn art? Do you want digital art? Do you have any suggestions on where to find art? Do you have art you would like me or Aimee to review? Just leave us a comment or send us an email. Let us know!!!!!!

Be Safe--Susie


  1. Yay! I'm so glad my prezzie got to you safe and sound. Oh, and by the by, it was sent directly from the etsy merchant, so I guess he/she and you share the same taste in paper towels? ;)

  2. LOVE the bracelets! Lucky you. :-)

    But I don't know enough about Twi fan art, to weigh in on this question. Sorry...

    Alice's Aunt

  3. @Ana...duh wasn't paying attention to the packaging and @Alice's Aunt that's ok! Is there a favorite character you would like to maybe see represented in a theme?

  4. Wow! Thanks for featuring my piece of art. Ha ha I'm glad you liked it enough to do so. As for your question I'm obviously a big fan of hand drawn art. And there's TONS of twilight art out there so I'd like to see lots of other people's stuff that I haven't been able to find and such. Cool blog tho :D

  5. Thank you for the suggestion Chrissy and you are very welcome :-)

  6. Wow, thanks so much for posting my artwork, and not only that, but you called it the art of the week! Right now I have some wierd sort of stomach virus that has been going around and recieving this news made my day of pain and torture a little bit better. I had never cared to search up anything about twilight after the movie came out, because--in all honesty-- I was terribly disappointed with the changes and the mistakes the director simply let slip by. But I really like what you and your roomate have set out to do, on giving the opinion of the series from an adult's point of view and also giving recognition to fans that had a different interpretation of the series is a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion of my artwork, generally I get comments like, "That's good" or "Awesome" and it is rare to recieve more than a sentence.Anyway, I seem to have gone astray, thank you so much(for the millionth time)and I agree with what you said about the whole suicidal matter and glad to hear it from another twilight fan other than myself, and I think hand drawings are the best! You might want to try; however, I think you would have to ask for permission first since many people on deviantart are generally strict about who can use their artwork and many put watermarks on their peices to prevent it from occuring. Take care and I definitly look forward to seeing the next batch of artwork on malipulation Monday. I had also started a comic book version of the Twilight series, but sort of set it aside due to school but it will be put back into action soon so if anyone is interested in reading it, it is on the twilightarchives website. Angelic Muse

  7. sorry for the long comment I don't know when to shut up.

  8. @Elizabeth you are very very welcome! We don't mind long comments because that just means you were actually paying attention LOL


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