Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Favorite Pics of Rob

Ok so I haven't been on the blog in a while. We're getting ready to take a short trip this weekend to Boonsboro, MD for a signing at Turn The Page Bookstore where 2 of my favorite authors are going to be there- Nora Roberts and Stephanie Laurens. Yes I am a huge romance novel freak. Could say that is my other obsession other than Twilight. Anyways between getting all our travel plans ready I have let the blog fall to the wayside- good thing Susie has been keeping up her good job with the videos and posts. But since I hadn't posted I thought I would give you guys a look at my favorite Rob pictures. *Warning* Any readers with heart problems may not want to look at these as Rob's hottness may cause extreme heart palipatations and/or death from pleasure *Warning*

yes even with short hair he is gorgeous! It's the smile *drool*

dressed to the nines...hottness

Secondhand smoke kills- or is it just Rob smoking that kills?
(most people look so not hot smoking but Rob makes it look good....not that this is necessarily a good thing for the kiddies)

OMG this picture kills me- makes me want to make love to the computer *cricket* um yeah.What is it about that smile?

MMM look at me that way!

Yes, yes, I will run away with you and be your sex slave

I have decided that Rob's smile- when he chooses to use it- should be declared a Weapon Of Mass Destruction. It destroys my panties everytime LOL.

Hope you have enjoyed your Rob Porn for today.

Til Tomorrow-


  1. How did I miss this loveliness today??? HOW!!!!

    Okay Suitrob is my fave! Smilerob causes my heart to stop. And all around Mr. Pattinson in general makes me do the stupidest stuff!

    Did you see the new mag today? The wonderment? Oh my... now there is WetRob!

    That is all...

  2. Yummy pics. I envy you. I love Nora Roberts too! Have you read Honest Illusions? That's my favorite of hers. I really like the Born In series and Northern Lights. (I didn't really like the Lifetime movie of this one though. I really, really wish they would make Honest Illusions into a movie!) P.S. I may love you forever for listing me as one of your favorite Twilight blogs!!!


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