Friday, July 3, 2009

Jamie Campbell Bower is NOT the New Rob! And The Danger Magnet sponsors our Question Of The Day!

Since there haven't been any hardcore interesting stories lately today's video really focused on a plethora(hell yeah big word!) of different topics from Mike Welch to Robert Pattinson.

You can obviously tell which stories we are more interested in simply because we tend to rant about those a little longer. We're Twifreaks, what do you expect?

Cute...but he's NO Rob

Also today Ana Cristina of The Danger Magnet was our "sponsor"...Hi my name is Susie and I'm an addict lol...of the question of the day. She has posted some speculative questions on her blog so go check those out and help her with some answers.

When Aimee and I do a video together, bloopers are bound to happen. So watch Aimee pronounce Oregon and Susie get molested!

Be Safe

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