Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Obsessions and Inner Fan Girls

Obession. I have always loved that word and interestingly enough it has come in and out of my life quite a bit. I find that when I love something, I LOVE it. Does this ring a bell for any of you? Before the obsession that is Twilight, there were others.

"What do you mean others?"

I'm sorry my dear, sweet Edward but yes I'm not a virgin(of having obsessions that is)

Exhibit A: New Kids On the Block

Yes I was one of those and damn proud. I was a little young but that didn't make me love my first boy band any less. While later on down the road I had "fad crushes" on NSync and Backstreet Boys, no other boy band made an impression on me like NKOTB did!

Exhibit B: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

When I hit my rebellious tween years, a show debuted on the WB that changed my life. My teen years were spent every Tuesday night with BTVS and it felt as if I grew up with the show. Even today If I'm going through something, I can pull out an episode and watch it to feel better because it relates to what i'm going through.

Present Day: The Twilight Saga

I think the videos, blogs, etc. speak for my level of obsession for me LOL. Today's question of the day is, what in your life have you been obsessed over other than Twilight? Check out this crazy video below and see how obsessed these people are!!

Be Safe--Susie


  1. LOL. Wait till you're 72! Think of all the obsessions you'll have had, by then.

    'Alice's Aunt'

  2. LOL I'm afraid to even guess about how many i'll have by then lol

  3. OMG. I am the same way with my obsessions. I was a HUGE Dawson's Creek, Buffy, Roswell fan as a teenager. Since I was about 18, I hadn't really experienced anything that crazy intense. Then all of a sudden, here comes Twilight and a resurgence of the crazy is back. I'm 23, and I act like a 14 year old. *sigh* I wouldn't change it, though. I've missed being this passionate about something.


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