Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend. For those of you who are not Americans- celebrate anyway! What's better than fireworks, burgers, and beer? (unless it's not a beer but an amaretto sour *mmm*) Anyways I hope everyone has a good 4th- will be celebrating with everyone in spirit while I am stuck at work all day.


  1. Hi there! I came over from 'Robsten Lovers' blog. Where I'm happy to see you commenting. :-)

    Hope we help those gals to do well, with whatever this Sun. and Mon. thing is... in regard to number of comments over there.

    Sorry you had to work on the 4th. But if you're off today/Sun., celebrate the 4th of July, on the 5th! What diff does a date make, anyway? ,-)

    Neat looking blog you have here! I'll be back.

    'Alice's Aunt'


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