Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Saving Grace

So I'm sitting here at work in Hotel Hell a.k.a. Days Inn front desk and its been kind of a shitastic day. I went from one job to the other and one manager is gone for the week and has been replaced with our owner, who makes Cruella De Ville look like the president of PETA and at Hotel Hell the bossman is about as dumb as a pile of dung and a smart ass to boot. I had to train a newbie today, that has my hopes up because honestly the good ones never stick around this place. Needless to say after she left I needed a Twifix BAD! So I hop on Twitter to update my many fans(yeah right) and low and behold the glorious PLT (Peace,Love,Twilight) has a nifty little update about new Rob pictures from US Weekly. Not just a few but 40!! Yeah you saw it right....40! If anything cheers me up, its jawporn, cigarettes, and brooding poses! I flipped through the deliciousness and these, darling Twilighters, are my favorites.

That face could brighten any woman's day!

Even when he's goofy, he is so damn adorable!

That is the luckiest damn cigarette on the fucking planet!

Take it off...please take it off!!

This by far is my favorite intense wet look

This is Rob's "WTF" look...even THAT is sexy

Be Safe--Susie

1 comment:

  1. UHH!! that picture with him in the wet t-shirt...
    it makes me VERY happy...
    lol XD


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