Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eclipse Filming! and Susie's Thoughts on Twilight Makeup

Here is Tuesday's Twifreak video! While there is no extra footage today I do have an interesting opinion about the Twilight inspired makeup by DuWop that is supposedly being released later this year.

After making today's video I realized that I had so much more to say about the weird Twilight inspired makeup coming out. Like most of you I am a true Twifreak and when I see stuff like this, while I enjoy making fun of it I will also not hesitate to purchase it. I consider myself a bit of a tightwad when it comes to shopping because I usually don't have the extra cash to splurge. The problem is that I have a twiobsession and this causes me to grab anything and everything that is connected with the series. This will unfortunatly be the case with what they are calling "Twilight Beauty"

If I see this online or in stores(doesn't matter) I WILL spend the last of my cash..no question

See this is my dilemma! If it has to do with Twilight I HAVE to have it! You can go to StyleList to see a better description of the two collections(Luna Twilight and Volturi).

This Just In!!

Rob Defranco has performed his
Bikini Dance down Hollywood Blvd! I have to say that he looks amazing and quite lickable...mmmm abs!


I'm not so good with the blog stuff yet so I have no idea how to get the Youtube video on here like Aimee did in the post yesterday. Yes I suck, boo on me...I'll figure it out LOL...eventually

Be Safe--Susie


Ok so I got to see my parents very briefly this weekend- while they were driving through town. I thought this would be a good time to give my mom her birthday present. See the joy of the gift.

No edward....resist....resist!

My mom is a major Twilight fan just like me, which is pretty awesome actually! I'm looking forward to future Mom and Pocket Edward adventures.

Also Twitarded has an awesome blog up today- Twitarded's "100-ish ways Twilight has Changed my Life" List- need to check it out because I counted 3 of MY answers making the list! No I'm not going to tell you what they are! Just go and enjoy!

Bikini Day- Woot!

So as hopefully many of you know today is the infamous Bikini Day! The day we, twilight fans, get to see what could become the funniest thing EVER! That's right- The Bet! For those of you who don't know what I mean let me fill you in. Peter Facinelli (our wonderful Carlisle) bet his friend Rob DeFranco (co-founder of 211me) that he could get 500,000 twitter followers in a week, if Peter did not get the followers he would hand over the back of his chair from Twilight but if he did Rob would have to dance down Hollywood Blvd in a Bikini to Beyonce's Single Ladies with a sign that says Twitter Me. (Funny side note- actual terms were set down mostly by Peter's twitter followers LOL- we are a crazy bunch.) Today, June 30, 2009 will forever go down in history as the day that the bet was fulfilled. After much drama (i.e. Twitter issues) Rob conceded victory to Peter and his followers. In preparation for the bet Rob has undergone waxing (ouch) and has even tried on his bikini (see video below). The bet will be fulfilled at the corner of Hollywood and Vine at 10AM sharp. Peter will be posting a video and MTV will also be covering the event! This is sure to be a hilarious day in history!

The event, though started in good fun, has even been turned into a charity event for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

Check out the bikini try on below and we will post the video of this after it is up! ENJOY!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Who dominates Twilight Clue? WE DO!

OMG we are so excited! We cannot believe that we won. Aimee got notified she won 1st place, Susie was notified she got 2nd! Cannot believe that we were lucky to win. We spent many nights, and hours at work, looking for clues....separately and some together. We won't lie, we helped each other a little bit but tried to do it on our own for the most part. Some of the clues were very hard to find, like emmett...very hard to find emmett. We are so happy! Neither of us have ever won anything like this. Some of the prizes we won't be able to use or are duplicates of things we have so we're going to be giving those prizes away to our viewers. More info on that when we receive the prizes. We have been shouting the house down! Lots of excitement here tonight and long distance calls to family- we like bragging to family LOL! Thank you Peace. Love. Twilight!!!!!!! Thank you so much! We also want to congratuate the other winners whoever you are! Thank you to the affiliates who posted the clues! We have found some wonderful Twilight Blogs through this contest as well that we hadn't found before! WOW! Gonna be hard to sleep tonight!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Welcome viewers!

Thank you for wandering over this way! As you can see we've started a blog to go along with our TwiTube channel: ApplesNFeathers.

We will be posting our videos here as well when we do them. Also you may find extra video on this blog as well as random news posts, funny photos, and topics we deem not suitable for film. We hope that you will enjoy our blog as much as you enjoy our videos.

Be Safe.
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