Monday, July 20, 2009

Released New Moon Photos and AnF is CALLING ALL ARTISTS!!

Today's Manipulation Monday video wasn't just about reviewing fan art. It was about calling out all those artists out there that watch our Youtube channel and view this blog!

We consider ourselves part of a kick ass Twilight Fandom Family and we want you to be a part of the love too!

You show me your talent and I'll show you mine...

So if you have a creative streak and would like to be featured on our page than email us, leave a message at the end of the post, or even give us a shout in the Cbox and we will proudly show your talents to the world!! Because we ALL know that without all of the devoted fans, The Twilight Saga would have been just another tween romance novel and Robert Pattinson would still be that cute guy from Goblet of Fire.

Avada!!...I just can't do it...hes' too damn cute to kill!


In the last few days(and one last week, sorry we are kinda up to our ass in life on our end) there have been three officially released pictures for New Moon and while alot of blogs have shared them already, how could we not jump on the bandwagon and put in our Twicents!

Can't look too long...must remember that i'm Team Edward...losing focus...must love dogs...ahhhh

I love this picture! Throw in Bella's loneliness and apprehension(holy shit is that a slight case of emotion on Kristen's face?!) and add a dash of Jacob's devotion and innocence (not to mention a delicious set of puppy eyes) and you got yourself a melt your heart moment!!

People are speculating that this is a set up shot of the Bella and Alice reunion right before jetting off to Italy. It so nice to have some new juicy footage to share.

Here is a more detail HD close up version of Alice. I am hardcore loving the new contacts. I swear I've mentioned that one too many times in videos but I really do! Can't say I like the hair though. It's too flat for the Alice look. It will probably grow on me.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST...the picture that makes
me feel like a pedophile

While this picture is kinda sexy, the over the shoulder shot seems a bit too Coppertone Baby for me. There have been other pictures that didn't make me feel so sleazy and just looking at this one makes me slightly uncomfortable. I'm not sure whether its the semi innocent look on his face or my inner randy pervert that is internally whispering "pane down"

And on that Jolly Note....Be Safe!!


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