Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two New Stories and Our Blog Hit 1,000 Views!

And the Pick of the Week is.....

BOTH Breathe Me by A Fragile Little Human and Feels Like Home by btvsna

These authors had me torn because both stories are truly amazing. Please check them out and let these ladies know how creative they are.

To btvsna: Thank you for making me fall in love with Alice and Jasper all over again plus with a little Twismut as desert....perfection

To A Fragile Little Human: GIMME MORE! I really adore this side of Bella's character! You have transformed her into a strong willed, independent, take no shit kind of gal and i'm loving it! Keep me posted!

Super Secret Twilight Blog's Wide Awake Discussion Seriously people if you haven't gotten the chance to read Wide Awake by angstgoddess003 yet than get your Twilovin' asses in gear because its the best story out there! Then go over and join in on SSTB's weekly discussion!

Other Twifics that I'm currently obsessed with:

Breathe Again by Ysar (She updates once, sometimes twice a week! Jacob fans you will LOVE this story)

Edge of Night
by UntypicallyJia(Chapter 9 was posted today! I just finished reading it! LOVE IT! This fan fic just keeps getting more intense and awesome...keep up the great work Jia!)

For Ysar's and btvsna stories you must register to view them. Don't worry, it doesn't take long!!

Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU! For making ApplesFeathers a blog that you frequently visit! We reached 1,000 visits today and since we've only be publicly online for a little over a month that's a really big deal! Just keep those views coming because when we reach 5,000 views and 50 followers we are going to do something special for the viewers!

Be Safe--Susie


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