Friday, October 23, 2009

Susie and Aimee reclaim their virginity?!?

Alright so for eclipse there are gonna be some changes around here. Me and Susie, in an attempt to be pure at something, have taken our own purity pledge.  We have decided that we are not going to search for, look at, "stumble across", or post any leaked eclipse set pics. We also are not going to do the same for videos or basically anything for Eclipse. Here's what we will do- we will post the cast list (cause um heh we already did), we will post announcements about the soundtrack- but we don't know how pure we're gonna for the music yet so- they may be basic posts with go here to preorder crap. We are going to watch  the Official Trailer- ONLY 1 TIME- when it gets released. We will not post the trailer on the blog, we will link you to it, and we are going to do a reaction video to it which is why we're watching it only 1 time. We will also probably end up posting more summit officially released news or links to pics/posters when they are released. So we will get you linked somehow to what you want, hopefully without us seeing it lol.

Why are we doing this you may ask? Are we just following a trend? Nope, although purity pledges seem to be gaining momentum (see the pretty pic on the right?), we decided to do this mostly because we want to be excited, the same level of excitement as when Twilight came out. For Twilight, we had seen the trailer and the posters and shirts and basically that was it- it was awesome because we watched it without knowing every little detail. And while we may not know every little detail about New Moon, what we do know is overload! Eclipse for us is gonna be a surprise. We're not gonna know how the hair and makeup look (although we already know that KStew's Wig is awful!) and we're not gonna try to find out. So- if you'd like to join us, please take the purity pledge with us! If you want to be an Eclipse Slut, then we will try to make sure your have at least links so you can find what you want. Soon i'm going to be trying to compile a basic list of those blogs/sites that are pure and will post it up so you guys know. *If you are one of those sites leave us a msg in the comments letting us know.


  1. Super cool girls!!!! I watched the exteneded break up clip last night before it was pulled and about died. Rob was great but Kristen ugh. Won't say anything more. don't want to ruin it but it was good. i am not watching anymore stuff because I feel like i have pretty much seen all of the movie by now.

    Love ya!!!!
    Aimee's sister Jessica

  2. This is why I never watch any previews (unless I am at the movies...which is rare) and I always end up going into movies excited. I think it's a great idea, and even though *sigh* I have yet to see or read anything twilight...I know when I finally get around to it...It will be all the more exciting as I have not read/watched/seen anything. Good Luck!

  3. I'm with you guys and for me, it will be more of the "I won't read any posts that have set stalking photos, etc.." I have a weird feeling that Eclipse will drown New Moon in releasing spoilers and that sucks. As for the music, I think it's fine to listen to it and purchase it when it's released and as for the Official Trailer, if and when it airs before a movie in the theatre, I'll watch it. But as for stalking it on Youtube and all that jazz. I have chosen not too. But I will try to be as pure as I can for Eclipse too.

  4. Ha ha ha! There are a lot of born again virgins in Twiland these days! We're trying to do the same thing!

  5. @Jessica- You totally need to comment more- I know you come here and read our posts!
    @Tara- Hey Bestie! I will get you one of these days to actually at least watch Twilight with me.
    @Honolulu Girl- I think you're right about Eclipse being worse. We're all focused on NM for now but when that's over. yep.
    @JJ- Stay strong.

  6. I agree with the overload theory! It's best see the movie smothered in excitement like going to see "Pirates of the Carribean" and being so excited, you lock your keys in the car. Good luck girls. You have your job cut out for you as the media is certain to glut the airwaves.
    Aimee's Mom


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