Saturday, October 31, 2009

*SWOON* Vanity Fair Cover December 2009

So while getting ready for my splendid *stops to change songs playing on itunes muttering it's NOT christmas yet grrr, christmas music* -sorry where was I? oh yeah- Halloween party I jumped on Twitter to see what was going on with everyone else this fine Saturday and had a Robgasm. Oh yeah, Vanity Fair released the cover- yeah after yesterday not shocked it's a hot pic on the cover of dear old Rob -*blushes* had another dream about him last night but that's beside the point- right where was I? See he makes me lose my train of thought with his fineness..... oh yeah so Rob on the cover of Vanity Fair's December 09 edition, which will hit stores in November (does anyone else think that's weird? I mean shouldn't the November edition hit the stores in November?) but I've heard varied reports on when it should hit stands from Nov 6th-10th (or if you're in my town probably never- so If I can't get it someone should send it to us) so be on the lookout very soon. And remember THIS (see awesome pic directly below) is what you're looking for.

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