Thursday, October 15, 2009

*Happy Dance* I got New Moon tickets!

Now me and Susie do not live in a big town. We live in a small town, in rural KY, that is also a college town. And when I say college town, I'm talking of the type where almost all the students are from around the area and go home every weekend. So we don't get a lot of excitement here. When the Twilight DVD was being released, we knew there was gonna be a lot of people waiting at Wal-Mart (the only place in town other than Kroger to buy DVDs) and boy were we blown away! Probably over a hundred (perhaps 200, maybe more?) people were there to get their copy of the DVD. And this happened on the college's Spring Break. So as school is currently in session, and it's a Thursday afternoon I was expecting a line for the New Moon Tickets that just went on sale today at our local theatre. I decided to make the event memorable. First, I round up the friends- ok, kinda failed there as they either have class or work- so I rounded up 1 friend! We decide we're gonna get to the theatre by 11am because the tickets are set to go on sale at noon. I wake up, get in warm clothes- cause hey it's like 40 degrees here and I don't like it- stop to get some Hot Chocolate, and drive to the theatre. When I get there, everyone is still in their cars- cause hey COLD! There's about 15 cars in the lot and every now and then one will pull in, look at the sign on the door that says tickets go on sale @ 12, and leave. Meanwhile I've got my car all toasty and the New Moon Playlist playing in my CD player. After discussing some Twilight news (such as the early release of the Soundtrack and the fact that I made Susie hide the New Moon Movie Companion from me until after the release of the movie) with my friend, we notice some people getting out of their cars to wait by the doors. Ok, so we debated how long it would take us to make us get out of our car and stand in line in the cold, wet weather. As we're debating this, more people are getting out to stand in line. As we needed to buy a combined total of 20 tickets for the midnight release we decided we'd do the same. We ended up about 9-10 people back in line, not bad.

 This was about 11:20am

After standing outside for about 15 minutes, the management decides to be nice and start selling the tickets early. I barely restrained my fan girl squeal when I finally had the tickets in my hand! So yes the ending is kind of anti-climatic but this has completely made my day!

And that is my story of how I got my New Moon tickets.


  1. Yeah!!! I'm actually kind of jealous. Yeah, I got my NM tickets a few weeks back via Fandango...but all I got was a one page voucher printout that I trade in at the kiosk ON THE MOVIE DAY! Good lord, I hope they let me go in there earlier in the day Thursday to actually feel the tickets in my grubby little hands before we're waiting in line for the premiere!

  2. So funny! I was thrilled to get my tix, too - doesn't matter where you love!

    Oh and BTW I got my NM Companion book and am not taking it out of the shrink-wrap until after I get back from the premires - good thing I took the next day off - lol!

    : )

  3. @STY good girl. I think I'm going to do the same. I want to try and avoid as many spoilers as I can from this point forward.
    @Aimee. Congrats on getting the tickets. Doesn't it feel good? Seriously I can't wait for the movie to come out. I'm not going at midnight but I am going to a private showing at 8am so I didn't get to squee with everyone who gets to see it at midnight with friends but I can still squee for you!

  4. *does the happy dance for you girls* so exciting! :)
    I am hyper nervous because the tickets for the early premiere (November, 22) starts Saturday midnight! Probably I have to fight all the teenies off. But, I'll do that for Betti and me :))

    SO happy for you girls :)


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