Sunday, October 18, 2009

We Have The New Moon What's The Verdict?

Yesterday at approximately 5pm the UPS man came knocking at our door and brought me the New Moon soundtrack. I'm pretty sure I scared the guy cause I squealed like the fan girl I am *I swear it kind of just slipped out* plus I didn't think we'd be receiving it until Monday so dammit I had every right to "twitard out" no matter how inappropriate it seemed. After scaring him away, and doing a thrusty dance with the package I sat down to listen to it so that I could give you my honest opinion of each and every song. Aimee will be chiming in too because we wanted to give separate opinions in case they differ.

Track 1: "Meet Me On The Equinox" by Death Cab For Cutie
What Paramore did for the Twilight soundtrack DCFC will do for New Moon. Its modern and a catchy tune. I've listened to it multiple times already since it alone came out before the
soundtrack. So far its my fourth favorite song of the bunch *4 Apples*
 *Aimee* Okay I like the song but well I liked Paramore's song better as relates to the movies/books. This is like the "front runner" but I think as more people get the soundtrack we'll see other songs being liked way better. Personally I'd give it 3 Apples.

Track 2: "Friends" by Band of Skulls 
Its not the best song but its not the worst. I like the beat and lyrics are good. This will be one of those songs that I have listen to several times before I really start to like it. I felt this way when I first heard "Tremble For My Beloved" on the Twilight soundtrack but now I enjoy it so we'll see *3 Apples*
*Aimee* I love the beat for this and the tambourine. It kind of reminds me of a Target commercial song but I love it. I can't help but to dance to it- ultimate approval. I could see this in the movie during the birthday scene. I give this 4 Apples.

Track 3: "Hearing Damage" by Thom Yorke
I don't like this song at all. I figured there were going to be a couple I disliked but would learn to love(see track 2) but I can't see myself liking this one ever. Its got an annoying thrumming beat that gives me a little bit of a headache. I guess it will be ok for a background song in the movie but I hope its only for a few seconds and NOT a pivital part *1 Apple*
*Aimee* I don't care for this song much as well. Basically the only thing I really like is the "thrumming beat" that Susie finds so annoying. I also like the lead singer's voice. I'm thinking I will grow to like this more. I'd give it 2 Apples.

Track 4: "Possibility" by Lykke Li

This song is my third favorite. Her voice is unique, almost Bjorkish without being off key and nose bleeding. The melody is beautiful and reminds me of a modern lullaby. The lyrics are also very passionate and fit the tone of New Moon. *4 1/2 Apples*
*Aimee* I totally agree about Bjorkish feel. I love the lyrics. Personally this is my pick for the cliff diving scene. I have to give this 5 Apples.

Track 5: "A White Demon Love Song" by The Killers
I've never really been a fan of The Killers and while I don't hate this song (see track 3) I don't love it either. The lyrics fit New Moon and toward the end it hits a good rift that I enjoyed so more than likely the more I listen to it the better it will get *2 1/2 Apples*
*Aimee* I love the music and lyrics for this song- the lyrics especially. I'd give it 4 Apples.

Track 6: "Satellite Heart" by Anya Marina

 This is my favorite song on the cd. I love the lyrics and the acoustic, coffeehouse beauty of the song. Its simple and that's what I love about it. I don't know where I would place it in the movie but I hope it's somewhere GOOD *5 Apples*
*Aimee* I have to agree that this is one of the best songs on the whole cd. I love the lyrics- it's very end-of-relationship, post-break-upish. If I was going through the demolition of relationship I would listen to this song and feel better. I have to agree and give it 5 Apples.

Track 7: "I Belong To You" by Muse

First off its Muse so what's not to love? I was really excited to see them on the cd since this particular band is one of Stephanie Meyer's hardcore inspirations. This song isn't as good as "Supermassive Blackhole" but its still really good so...*3 Apples*
*Aimee* Personally I believe this song will be the one that people go- Hey that's from New Moon! It is absolutely beautiful and the beat is amazing. This by far is my favorite from the soundtrack. I give it 5 Apples.

Track 8: "Rosyln" by Bon Iver and St. Vincent: It has a beautiful melody and good lyrics. I love acoustic music but they're helium type voices kind of take away from my enjoyment of the song. This one might take some listening to truly enjoy *1 1/2 Apples*
*Aimee* I absolutely love this song. It's very mellow and I love the music and the harmonies of the voices. I'd give it 4 Apples.

Track 9: "Done All Wrong" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Its got an acoustic folk beat and hands down...I love it! This is my second favorite. This song reminds me of Jacob and they get extra props for using a harmonica. I have a feeling Robert Pattinson likes this song. It seems like it would fit his musical tastes. *5 Apples*
*Aimee* ok I don't really like the song all that well. The music is fine, the harmonica awesome, but not crazy for the lyrics. I'd give it 3 Apples.

Track 10: "Monsters" by Hurricane Bells
This song has more of an upbeat feel and I really like the contrast of depressing lyrics with happy music. Its not the worst song and I know I'll learn to enjoy it. *2 1/2 Apples*
*Aimee* I love the guitar on this. I find myself dancing to this in my car and that's always an indication of a good song. I give it 3 1/2 Apples.

Track 11: "The Violet Hour" by Sea Wolf
First off their band name is awesome! The song is very Bella/Jacob to me and its got this psychedelic Beatles feel to it that I really like *3 Apples*
*Aimee* I really like this song. I can't wait to see what scene it's used for. I agree with Susie 3 Apples.

Track 12: "Shooting The Moon" by Ok Go
Another nifty band name! Its got an acoustic feel but with synthesized moments that make the song catchy and interesting which I like and big props for use of drum, synthesizer(cause who does that anymore) and I love the big burst towards the end. It made me want to rock out.
*3 Apples*
*Aimee* I really like the drums. The lead singers voice is very soothing too. Please I think it's awesome that another band that was featured on Stephenie's Playlist (for Eclipse) got a space on the soundtrack. I'd give this 3 1/2 Apples.

Track 13: "Slow Life" by Grizzly Bear(with Victoria Legrand)
Okay seriously these band names are very TWILIGHT lol but anyways....This song is my guess for the cliff diving scene. Its very haunting like plenty of the songs on here but this one has a feel to it and when I close my eyes I can picture the cliff scene...i'm keeping my fingers crossed
*4 Apples*
*Aimee* I really like this song as well. It is also the song most likely to put me to sleep- why? I don't know. I guess I find it very relaxing on my ears and mind when I listen. I could see where Susie thinks it might be the cliff diving scene but I actually have a different guess. I'd give it 4 Apples.

Track 14: "No Sound But The Wind" by Editors
The singers voice is very old fashioned. I feel like I haven't heard that voice in a long time(cause I'm a fan of oldies) but the lyrics are very pretty and simplistic even if the song kinda sounds like a rejected David Hasselholf tune, I do like it. *3 Apples*
*Aimee* I'm very conflicted on this song, I like the music, the voice is slightly annoying to me but I really don't care for the lyrics. It annoys me so I give it 2 Apples.

Track 15: "New Moon(The Meadow)"
PERFECT! Each note screams New Moon and it jumps towards different emotional pockets. In some places its sad and longing others it hurtful and haunting. Desplat knew what he was doing. I honestly like this better than Carter Burwell's "Bella's Lullaby" I'll be listening to this one over and over *4 1/2 Apples*
*Aimee* I don't like it better than Bella's Lullaby but pretty much the same. It is a very good piece of instrumental work. I really do love this and it makes me look forward to the score for the movie. I give it 4 Apples.

Susie's Overall Opinion: The music on the New Moon Soundtrack fit the feel of the book. Plenty of acoustic and hauntingly depressing songs that get me in the mood to watch the film. I enjoyed more of the songs than I thought I would(lots of 3's) and this cd will definitely be in my favorites collection!
Overall Rating: 4 Apples

*Aimee's Overal Opinion: I think that the soundtrack helps portray that this movie has a more serious and depressing feeling than the last. I really only disliked a couple songs and I know that I'll come to love them the more that I listen to it. I have a feeling that some people won't like this soundtrack as well as Twilight because it is more mellow but personally very relaxing to me. Overall Rating: 4 1/2 Apples


  1. Great post! Although I'm a totaly spoiler hoor for NM - I'm saving myself for the music AFTER I see the movie. I just want to watch/listen with a 'fresh' ear for some reason. It makes absolutely no sense! But it's true...Fun to read what you think tho!

  2. Great review! I got the soundtrack from iTunes and I share most of your opinions. I love Lykke Li and Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club. And now I'm totally excited to see where all the songs fit in the movie.

  3. I love the soundtrack. The Death Cab track is amazing and I can't wait to see it all in the movie! Check out this photo gallery of the artists featured on the soundtrack


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