Thursday, October 15, 2009

Will Someone Post My Bail?

I'm going to jail. I don't want to worry anyone while I'm away.

Just know that this was done out of love and
I had all of you in my thoughts dear readers.

I did it for you so how is that a crime?

I just wanted to take one for the team that way
you could live vicariously through me.

Just start the bail collection fund NOW
because I can't wait till he's 18.

Law enforcement is going to have no choice.

Sweet Jesus...

Thank you to Taylor Addiction for the amazing new pictures from GQ magazine to veiw them all go here!


  1. i would offer to post bail, but i'll be rite there next to u. sorry.

  2. *shakes head*... fine.. I'll post bail.. I won't like it.. But I do have your back.. Totes..

  3. This was a trick! I came over here thinking I was going to help you with bail money and NOW I'm going to go to jail!!


  4. Gah! In the wrong account. This is Jenny Jerkface, btw. Sigh. Totally ruined it.

  5. Taylor does nothing to me. But that means that I'll be the one woman left to post bail or to come and visit you ;).

  6. LOL yeah I like Taylor but I won't go to jail over him so I guess I'm available for bail. And since I live with her I gotta put the money up.

  7. Umm, yeah...lets home we all get arrested and sent to the same precint...I'm gonna need a cool cellmate. And he'd be so worth it. Good gawd...he has no right doing the lip bitey thing...


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