Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Precious II...A Picture Story By Susie

A package arrived in the mail today

What could it be? I was perplexed yet curious

Opening it hands began to shake

A loving note lay nestled inside

And behold the glorious Precious II!!!!

My fangirl hormones took over...could you blame me?!

A Big Thank You with lots of hugs and kisses to Bitches and Firecrotch from We Bite Pretty Hard for making my day a bazillion times better!! Just wait till Aimee gets home...she'll FREAK!!!


  1. I seriously kissed my copy every day that I was in Florida. Whenever I walked by the coffee table I just had to do it. I mean look at his face! I haven't really thoroughly looked through it even because Bitches says it will spoiler me. Boo. I have the People mag too, and haven't even cracked it open yet. I have to say the the Us one is way better quality. This is so awesome! Love the pics!

  2. Susie (hey that's my name too). I adore you. How cute are you with your copy of the Precious II and congrats for winning. FC and Bitches-You guys just fucking rock! Love you all!

  3. That was about my reaction...although I bought mine in Borders on my lunch break (and had to hold back on devouring the cover until I was safely at home...not sure I could chance a coworker seeing me!).

  4. Yeah I'm freaking because she kissed it! Eww! Not cool on shared magz! LOL it's amazing, I did a nice booty shake when I held it.

  5. too friggin cool! WOOT!! i'd say you're lucky that it was just a kiss..LOL.. licking it. is to be expected too.. but not real cool if you have to share..LOL


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