Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Maria and Royce King II Have Been Cast!

Summitt has announced that Catalina Sandino Moreno will be playing the part of the mysteriously intriguing Maria in the upcoming Eclipse. As you all know Maria is Jasper's creator, confidant, and essentially his nightmare during the first part of his vampire life.

She looks very lovely and I'm sure once she is in full costume, she will look just as I have always imagined Maria to look; A dark and dangerous beauty. Congratulations Catalina!

Also just in from Peace,Love,Twilight Blog actor Jack Huston has been chosen to play Royce King II in a flashback for Eclipse. The role of Royce King II is small but pivotal piece of Rosalie's human history that I have always found fascinating. I really hope this guy can give it his all.

He looks smoldering in this picture but not quite dangerous. Sources say he will only be in a flashback which probably means not a lot of face time, but if they do the wardrobe and makeup right, I think that he would pull off an aristocratic "gentleman" from the time of The Great Depression.

What do you all think about these picks? Good? Bad? Tell us your opinions!

Be Safe--Susie

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  1. I think both choices are great! That's pretty much how I expected Maria to look.


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