Monday, August 10, 2009

Teen Choice Awards Renamed?

Muwhaaa...Robward is plotting...

Fox's Teen Choice Awards were last night. While the inner fan girl in me would have given her right tit to be there last night, I also did not want to be in the presence of all those screaming tweens. It would have turned into a brawl because honestly the first squealer that let loose in my ear would have been slapped. Everyone was so confused last night because it's not actually airing until tonight at 8pm, but I don't have to worry about that because all I wanted was the visual Twiporn that occurred yesterday. Thinking of Rob not only has some great pictures but also video. I basically watched the videos to reassure my inner fan girl that its a good thing we didn't go to the TCAs because we would have went to jail for assault of a minor.

My favorite gal to go to for amazing pictures is My Brand Of Heroin. She has kick ass galleries of the TMA's so go right here to check those out.

I got online this morning and the Associated Press had the winners announced. If you want to see ALL the winners, not just Twilight click on their link for the entire list.

Without further ado...

The Twilight Tween Choice Awards!!

Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene won for Choice Fresh Face Male and Female

Cam Gigandet won for Movie Villan and Movie Rumble with Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson won Movie Liplock

The duo also won Movie Actor and Movie Actress in a Drama

Paramore won for Music Rock Group, Music Rock Song for "Decode"
and the Music Soundtrack award also went to Twilight

After all those awards, obviously Twilight won for Movie Drama

Robert Pattinson graciously shared the stage with Megan Fox
*cough Whore cough*

and took home the Male and Female Hottie awards

It was a bit of a repeat of the MTV Movie Awards only I didn't get to vote, The Jonas Brothers actually won awards, and tween psychos were in full force. It makes me feel kind of old because this kind of award show really shows a huge chunk of the Twilight Saga fan base.

I'm thinking I might need to watch the show tonight just to see Twilight sweep it up! Fox at 8pm tonight. This way you can squeal in the privacy of your own home

Be Safe--Susie

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