Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kevin Smith, Twilight, and Moist

Twitarded posted this video yesterday along with two other videos that essentially make fun of the Twilight movies/books. As a huge fan of Kevin Smith's work, I laughed my ass off when he was discussing the New Moon clip and the adolescent fan girls.

As fan's of the Twilight Saga, we tend to protect what we love so much, but we must also remember that not everyone is a fan. At least not to the extreme that some of us are. We deal with that, but most all we have to learn to laugh at the spoofs or the people that make fun of our fandom because that's what a true fan is all about. Loyalty with laughter!

Here's the Kevin Smith clip courtesy of Twitarded!


  1. Thanks ladies! I couldn't agree more, natch...

    And I don't know if you saw it in the comments but someone said he goes on to confess that his daughter is a Twilight fan and he had to collect Twilight merch for her - lol! I definitely have to track that down - Kevin Smith can make fun of whatever he wants & he'll still be ok in my book...

    : )

  2. I absolutely love Kevin Smith! Oh, and this is so lame, but I just saw an e-mail you guys sent me back in July. I'm sorry I'm so late. Thanks for the love! I love ya'lls bloggy!


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