Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Moon BORED Game... Pre Order Yours Today!

No I did not misspell the title. I am very apprehensive with the latest news of the release of the New Moon board game in October. Why you may ask? A little back story....

A while back Aimee and I were super excited and overly anxious( that's how we get when new Twilight products come out...don't judge us cause you do it too) because the Twilight Board Game was going to be coming out. Aimee and I often lead pretty boring lives, between work and the occasional social gathering of friends, one of our favorite pastimes and bonding activities is playing board games and card games. We heard that it was going to be sold at Wal-Mart so we obsessively scanned the game department during each shopping visit and even once or twice(maybe thrice) called Information to see if it was in stock yet. Unfortunately, our friend Sarah(the original enabler of my Twilight obsession) got her hands on it first. Since we were so damn stoked we borrowed it from her the first chance we got.

Low and behold...DISAPPOINTMENT

Honestly, I don't know if disappointment is even the right word for the crap that is the Twilight Board Game. First off it was the most uncreative game I have ever played. Even with 4 or more players it would have been beyond boring. You could tell it was focused on tweens but even they would have been bored to tears. The "challenge" questions, if that's what you want to call them, had nothing to do with the series and more to do with childish stupidity. After we finished the game itself, which took all of maybe 20 minutes, we decided to sift through all of the cards to see if there was ANYTHING interesting at all in the pile. Not only was it still a bunch of hooey, there were MISTAKES!! We counted 3 spelling mistakes and 2 wrong answers...are you fucking kidding?! Don't they have proofreaders for this kind of thing? My 5 year old Goddaughter could have done a better damn job at making this game fun and exciting.

Surprisingly(and I say that in the most sarcastic way possible) we did not purchase the Twilight Board Game. We did however end up with our very own when we won it. It now sits adoringly(unopened) on our living room bookshelf with other Twilight Saga paraphernalia. While it sucked donkey balls as an actually game, it makes a nice edition to our continually growing collection!

Now the New Moon board game is coming out. I do not have any plans to purchase this game until I've seen reviews of it by other fans because if it is not going to entertain me, I don't want it.

On the other hand if you all want to take a leap of faith and have the New Moon Board Game in your twifreak hands than you can pre order it HERE

On A Side Note: If you do get it please message us in some form or fashion and tell us what you thought about it and whether it is worth the purchase.

Be Safe--Susie


  1. OME, we totally fell for the bait and purchased this game for our twi-party a couple months ago. Even after numerous beers we couldn't find the energy to find this game even party amusing. Like you said, it's worth nothing more than a token in the collection.

  2. I bought the Twilight board game also but never actually played it. Mainly because I'm pretty sure I have ADD or something and... oooh,look! Shiny penny!

    However, on top of my ADD, I'm a sucker for drinking games and am thinking the Twi game could be, er, re-vamped into more 'adult' entertainment.

    Then again, not everyone thinks drinking games are... adult. Or fun. Sigh. I'm terrible. It's a good thing I didn't delve into the whole Labyrinth game my friends and I concocted...


  3. @JJ - there are people out there who aren't amused by drinking games?? They must be like the people who read Twilight and didn't like it. Easily weeded out of my life, thank you very much.

    A good game of asshole or beer pong, anyone?

  4. @RSM love some asshole but never mastered beer pong. I'm always up for a game a flip-cup.

    @JJ I have played a concocted drinking game from a Candyland board. Whoever thinks drinking games aren't fun are crazy. Even crazier than us.


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