Monday, August 3, 2009

Top 10 Signs You Just Might Be A Twilightaholic by The Danger Magnet

The Danger Magnet has the a fun and very true list of the top ten things that might make you a Twilightaholic. I proudly have committed most of these acts. I am not ashamed to be a Twifreak in the least, and I hope none of you are either. Go and check out her list HERE and then see my answers below!

1. I have not heard of Twilight Google…this makes me angry that I haven’t so I’m going to try it after finishing this comment.(I did right after I finished this comment to TDM and I'm more than likely going to use it from now on!)

2. I do have an apple tattooed on my wrist…most people think its the fruit of knowledge but Twifans know differently

Yeah I went there!

3. I have on 2 occasions now (accidentally) overdrawn my bank account due to Twishopping…I swear I’m about to open a separate checking account just for my addictions

I am SO ready for this Fall!

4. I live and breathe updates. I check Twitter, blogs, Youtube, and any other website that happens to be bookmarked either at the home or work computer. Then I check for any updates on any of the fan fictions I’m reading at the time so I guess that answers number 8 also LOL.

5. I have a Youtube channel and a blog (shared with the roomie) and both are Twilight related. Going back to number 8 I review Twilight fan fiction on there too

This button was made by the awesome Betti! Not only do her
creative online skills rock...she is a kick ass musician too!

6. I haven’t gotten the chance to purchase one yet but as soon as I do its going on my car
More than likely it will be this one!

7. I don’t do SIMS

Because THIS is fucking CREEPY!

8. I believe I’ve already answered this one although I have never attempted do write one myself (I'm adding a space on the blog soon that will lead viewers to my favorite Twifics...I'm thinking Susie's Fan Fiction Corner!)

Yeah WideAwakeward I'm talking about you!

9. I live in no man’s land but I did wait in line for 2 hours for the midnight release of the DVD

10. I want another animal so I can give it a Twilight name…I swear I want a black cat to name Esme!

This little darling was even named BELLA! I want ONE!

Are you a Twilightaholic? Tell The Danger Magnet all about it by responding to her post!

Be Safe--Susie

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