Monday, August 17, 2009

Susie's TwiFic Awards Nomination Recs and A Special Announcement

You all know that I love my Twilight Fan Fiction. I try to chime in every week with the Wide Awake discussion on Super Secret Twilight Blog. I support and love the stories my bloggy sisters have written. If I don't have a physical book to read I run straight to the computer to to find something to keep me occupied.

Therefore I have two big announcements.

"Quit trying to bone me for a second so I can hear what Susie has to say..."

First off, the TwiFic Awards are currently taking nominations. If you are a TwiFic fan than this is a big deal! I have entered my nominations and I wanted to share with you all who I personally think deserves to be in the following categories!
**Click on the titles to read these stories**

Best Romance: Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003

Best Suspense: Edge of Night by Untypically Jia

Best Comedy: From Nessie To Jasper by Miss Southern Belle

Best Angst: Buried Among The Begonias by DurtyNelly

Best Alternative Universe: I Love You Like Sid and Nancy by DurtyNelly

Best All Human: Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003

Most Original Plot: Eight Years Later by jmeyer

Best Use of Secondary Characters: Dear Diary by alice_laughed

Best Non Canon Pairing: Breathe Again by Ysar

Best One Shot: These Things I Hide by openmouthwideeye

Best Kiss: Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003

Best Lemon: Answering Bell by ilsuocantante

Best Edward: Buried Among The Begonias by DurtyNelly

Best Bella: Breathe Me by afragilelittlehuman

Best Jacob: Breathe Again by Ysar

Best Outtake/Companion Fic: Envy by Ysar

Best Slash, Best Sequel, and Best Challenge fics are N/A for me

Yes I favor certain TwiFics because obviously I love the storylines so in certain categories I couldn't help but choose a fic several times

Go HERE to nominate your favorite TwiFics! Do it ASAP because nominations close September 15th!

On another Fan Fiction note, I am going to be starting a break off blog from this main blog dedicated strictly to Twilight Fan Fiction. I will also have a small section on it for other vampire series that I read. Its still a work in progress because I want it to look nice. I don't plan on having a separate followers list for this blog as it is a continuation of this one so there will eventually be a button on this main page that will lead you to it and vice versa.

Be Safe--Susie


  1. Ya'll are too sweet to think of me. Unfortunately according to the rules on that site I don't qualify because my fic is only listed on my blog and not an archived fanfic specific site.

  2. Well I think that's poopy! Maybe you should think about posting it on or

  3. i dont know if you know but I started writing my 1st fanfic. I am 4 chappies in. You can find my link on my twitter profile. If you read, it let me know!

    Go BIG BLUE Wildcats! *snort*


  4. Hey girlies...I feel that I have been away for so long...and damn am I behind on my fic! Thanks for pointing me toward some new great stuff!


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