Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So What If It's In French?

So the NEW New Moon Trailer that is showing before Bandslam(PUKE!) has been leaked online. Now it keeps getting taken down by Summit which is completely reasonable because those money grabbing bastards want us Twihards to go see Bandslam. Hate to break it to you boys, but there is no fucking way I'm going to see that crap sooooo.....I'm guessing other people felt the same way. It is in French, but even in French it is worth it. Now if the link I'm going to leave you has already been pulled and your inner Spoiler Bunny is freaking the fuck out then go to Youtube and type in "French New Moon Trailer Bandslam"....I'm sure it will reveal something!

Go HERE to watch the Trailer I Found

Be Safe--Susie


  1. Um, squee?! The best part is I can actually understand some of the French! Ooh la la...

  2. That was FREAKING awesome!!!! Thank you Susie!!!


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