Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cutie Tagged the Blog...Well Crap!

Its a fun little game of round and round we go in a game of Tag Your It! KG over at I Heart tagged her bestie Cutie and Cutie in turn tagged my ass and posted some wild questions to share with the viewing audience. Lets Roll!

1. How do you feel about cereal milk? Drink or toss?

If it turns the milk chocolate I drink if not I toss :-)

2. What is more offensive: A girl with a small dog in her purse or a boy with a popped collar.

Umm both are pretentious and douchy but I'd have to go with popped collar cause that's a sure sign that the guy's name is Chad or Royce and he is a douche with a capital D.

3. Halloween costumes for dogs: cute or a sign that the end of days are coming soon.

As long as the dog looks comfy and its not baby gap on the poor thing cutting off its air then I'm cool with it

4. Bacon vs Chocolate. You decide.

I have a bacon issue. I crave it! I dread when I get pregnant cause I'm gonna get so fat on bacon. On the other hand maybe I'll get lucky and it will make me nauseous.

5. Would your rather fight a hundred two year olds or a hundred chihuahuas?

Chihuahuas cause I wouldn't feel bad for hitting them. I hate them lil basterds!

6. Which do you find more offensive: A stinky belly button or toe jam?

Jesus Cutie both are disgusting where the Hell did you come up with these questions!

7. Tea or Coffee?

I'm a coffee person all the way but I like a good iced tea in summer

8. Michael Jackson. Your thoughts.

You went there didn't you? Great musical artist but wouldn't leave my worst enemy alone at Neverland Ranch

Okay so I'm going to attempt to tag people that I know haven't been tagged yet!

1. Danny aka MrsVanquish
2. Betti
3. A Hungry Vampire
4. Maniacal Matron
5.Eyes of Amber

If you'r
e one of our regular readers and don't have a blog then post your answers to the questions in the comments!

My Questions for You

1. Name one thing you miss about being a kid?
2. If you could afford plastic surgery would you get it and what would you get done?
3. Which is more important War on Crime or War on Poverty?
4. If you had to make one movie star and one musical artist disappear forever, who would they be and why?
5. New Kids on The Block or Backstreet Boys who would you choose?

1 comment:

  1. Bwahahahah I LOVE IT!!!
    The mister and I came up with the questions together. Mostly I would throw out the most ridiculous things I could think up and we would yea or nay them.
    Annnnnd I may or may not have a friend with a stinky belly button.


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