Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Breaking Dawn Covens Cast!

This just in from the official Twilight website:

Summit Entertainment announced today the following have been cast in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN for roles in The Amazon Coven, The Egyptian Coven, The Irish Coven and The Romanian Coven as well as the American and European Nomads

I am so excited! For me the first part of Breaking Dawn is all about romance and family. The second part is all about the action and danger! It's like Stephenie lulls you into this gooey puddle then slaps you in the face with Alice's vision and the arrival of the covens.

Sooooo who are the faces of the coven members??????

The Amazon Coven

Tracey Heggins and Judi Shekoni

Beautiful ebony women to play the part of the Amazon coven. Lets just hope their tall lol. Also I didn't think Zafrina would be so beautiful but hopefully the actress can pull off that gorgeous yet terrifying demeanor. *Aimee: I concur.

The Egyptian Coven

Omar Metwally and Andrea Gabriel

Angela Sarafyan and Rami Malek

Amun and Benjamin look absolutely perfect. Benjamin is among my favorite of the covens. It looks like the actors all have a little bit of Egyptian in them plus look at their names. I'm thinking the casting directors are sticking with specific heritages just like they did with the wolf pack and this makes me very happy. *Aimee: Benjamin is HOT! Seriously... the end.

The Irish Coven

Lisa Howard, Marlane Barnes, and Patrick Brennan

They all look like good faces for the friendliest coven of the bunch!
*Aimee: I'm so looking forward to seeing this coven! But again here I pictured them a little older- maybe not Siobhan but Maggie and Liam I pictured to be a little bit older but I guess they can portray that through makeup and acting. 

The Romanian Coven

Noel Fisher and Guri Weinberg

They both look a little too young to me to play the Romanians. I always pictured them much older looking in appearance. Kind of like the actor that plays Marcus of the Volturi. Does anyone agree with me there? Although the guy that's been cast as Stefan already looks menacing before having a vamp makeover lol *Aimee: I totally agree that they look too young. I thought they would at least look to be the same age as Marcus or Aro (obviously before they were turned). Noel Fisher- didn't he play a bully in Max Keebler's Big Move? (yes... I do like that movie.) Anyways, I'm looking forward to what these 2 do- I personally love the Romanians.

The Nomads

Lee Pace, Toni Trucks, and Bill Tangradi

Erik Odom and Valorie Curry

Joe Anderson

Surprisingly they have brought Peter and Charlotte into the cast even though David Slade did not mention them in the slightest bit in Eclipse. Either they will have a defining role with Jasper in BD or they will be background coven members like the other nomads are mostly. I would rant more but I can't stop looking at Joe Anderson who will play Allistar. Hands down a freaking hottie!!!! He has been nominated as the hottest coven member casting choice by me...oh yeah. He was another one that I depicted as older though not as old as the Romanians hmmm. *Aimee: I'm so excited to see Garret! He's my favorite nomad. Also very excited to see what they do with Peter and Charlotte and if they happen to give more background on Jasper because of them. Allistar I really pictured as older and more crazy- like Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future- or Christopher Walken in America's Sweethearts. 

They have also cast the traitor Irina officially and while she doesn't strike me any different then any other beautiful actress she isn't really in the book that much anyway(although her role is significant)

Maggie Grace

And Twilight fans have embraced the lovely little actress that, according to Stephenie Meyer, has been cast as Renesmee. She truly is a doll and if she can act too then she will be perfect. I just hope that Bill Condon can make her aging process work on screen because this angel looks like Renesmee's final stage in the book. *Aimee: She looks like a little Bella- which is perfect.

Mackenzie Foy

So what are everyone's thoughts on the Breaking Dawn casting so far? Do you love it? Hate it? I know you all have opinions so let's hear em! Do you recognize any of those cast in from any other projects because a couple of the faces look familiar to me I just can't think from where. Leave your opinions in the comments!
*Aimee: BTW- even though it was just sporadic comments, this is the first posting I have had in several (7) months on here! YAY!


  1. Ooh, I didn't know this news had come out! Thanks so much for posting it! And I agree some of the choices look a little young, but that's the magic of makeup -- it can age you dramatically, if applied right. Here's hoping they get a skilled makeup artist for this!!!

  2. What a fantastic job you did of putting up this info! I think we pretty much agree that the Romanians and Alistair look younger than we expected.
    I seriously wanted Justin Hartley for Garrett, but I can take Lee Pace. (He was voted by EW readers as who they would choose for Carlisle if Peter hadn't been cast. Justin that is, not Lee. LOL)
    There are definitely some gorgeous vamps here!


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