Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Little T.V. Doesn't Hurt

Now that the Fall season is coming upon us it means a couple of things for me...

1. Some of my favorite book series continuations are coming out
2. My television programs are back for the new season

Ahh sweet idiot box how I've missed your precious glow. Let's be honest here...growing up I believe I watched too much T.V., which is probably the reason I have way too much pop culture knowledge and random facts crammed into my head. Now that I'm older I read more(see reason 1) than I watch T.V. shows but there are at least a handful that I am dedicated to, both old and new, that I'm super pumped about.

The Vampire Diaries(September 9th)

I was ecstatic to watch this new favorite of mine this past Thursday. Last season's finale had me at the edge of my seat with the town roundup, the mysterious Tyler reaction, Jeremy's decision, a Damon/Elena pucker moment, and the return of Katherine. Season 2 opener was all I asked for and more and I have a feeling I'm going to really enjoy this season's plot turns and character developments.

ALL of my other shows premiere in the same week together!!!!
I freaking love Fall!

How I Met Your Mother(Sept 20th @8pm on CBS)
Watch the Sneak Peek Here!

I've been a loyal fan of this show since I discovered it half way through it's Season 3. As a Xmas present Aimee got me all three seasons on DVD and season 4 this past Xmas. This show proves that something on TV can be just as awesome as Friends once was.

Season 5 left me kind of wanting more as the season itself wasn't half as good as the past ones had been, but the sneak peek looks awesome and I'm pumped for what the writers have in store!

Glee(Sept 21st @8pm on Fox)
Watch Fall Sneak Peek Here!

Don't deny you adore this show! I was raised on musicals, performed in highschool, and we never had a Glee club but this show with all its wonder makes me wish we did! I am so freaking stoked to see what going on with the Gleeks!

Modern Family(Sept 22nd @9 on ABC)
Watch Season 2 Promo Here!

This little Emmy award winning sitcom is also a new favorite of mine from last year. It's witty, creative, and the ensemble cast always is a knee slapping good time. What hijinks will ensue this season??

Grey's Anatomy(Sept 23rd @ 9pm on ABC)
Watch Season 7 Sneak Peek Here!

Wow. That's really all I can say about the most powerful season finale I have ever seen. I thought nothing could top the series finale and most of the season finales of Buffy for me(yeah I'm a hardcore Joss fan and Buffy came before Twilight sorry Stephanie LOL) but I honestly am simply curious as to where do they go from here? After that finale I mean WOW

So that's my lineup for the Fall and I know there are a few new shows coming out that seem kind of interesting but these are my shows for the moment and maybe I'll check the new ones out down the road cause honestly nothing has jumped out at me like Pretty Little Liars did this summer or Glee did when it first came out.

Question: Are there any shows that you are looking forward to starting back up? Everyone has their favorites so what are yours?


  1. Ok I admit I also watch tons of TV when I'm not reading...

    I adore the Vampire Diaries and!!!!!!!!

    We are one Season behind in Grey's Anatomy but I watch every episode, I love this series .. McDreamy... swoon!!1

    Never seen Glee, or a Modern Family but I watch occasionally "How I met your Mother"

    I would love to see a new season of Heroes, but I have to dream one since I don't think I will get Season 5... *big sigh*

    so, I'm with you girl!!!

  2. I watch way too much tv too, but I'm usually cathcing up with Twitter and emails or reading when it's on. I love the Vampire Diaries and the premiere was awesome. We're in for some hot bad boy Damon this season. I watch How I Met Your Mother sporadically, usually when House is a rerun.

    I'll list the shows that I can't miss: House, the Big Bang Theory, Bones, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Office, and Medium. I dvr everything since hubs isn't always home to watch them.

    I might be persuaded to watch the Hawaii 5-0 reboot just for Alex O'Laughlin. I'll give it a few episodes before I decide if it's good or not.

  3. This is my "season"!! You know how guys have their favorite, football, hockey, etc. Well, this is mine...Grey's, Private Practice, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, DWTS, Biggest Loser!! My DVR fills up so fast! I spend most of the morning on Saturdays catching up on all of my shows I miss during the week! Oh, and How I Met Your Mother is so funny! One of my hubby's favorites. I watch that one too. During the fall and winter, I become a TV junkie!!



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