Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Remember Me Premieres in NYC and Rob In a Tree?

Whose excited about March 12th...I FREAKING AM!

Remember Me, the highly anticipated Rob flick premiered tonight in NYC and if I had balls I would have given my left nut and possibly my right to have been with other fans on the red carpet.

Don't they Look Great!

While I'm not really vibing Robert's hair right now(its not got enough poof for me LoL) I am ecstatic for this film. It's a nice step back from the Twilight madness and it's something that the older Rob fans can appreciate.

Unfortunately he is still getting flack for being "Edward" and critics are being harsh on the film due to Rob's tween following because of the Twilight Saga. Personally, I can't wait to see this film because I'm critics are usually full of shit most of the time and this movie is going to be emotionally beautiful and I can't wait to see both Rob and Emilie's performances.

On a lighter end note Rob has FINALLY appeared on Jimmy Fallon and succumbed to.......the TREE

soooo obviously Rob may not be cut out for sketch comedy after all. since his awkwardness and lack in comic timing with the kick ass Jimmy Fallon was more funny then the actual sketch, and sadly it was no

"Notebooks are for notes...not for kissin."



  1. I adored the Fallon Interview! I thought Rob was too cute in that tree... but then I have always loved those skits.

    I am still dying over all the press that has been released this week! DYING! The premeire pics were gorgeous!

    Don't forget today's events... The View and The Daily SHow.

  2. I know I'm dying over everything too! I still haven't gotten to see some of the interviews Rob did but omg, his pants on The View- great pants!


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