Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remember Me Opens Tomorrow!!

So for most of us out there Remember Me will open tomorrow somewhere around us. For those few lucky dogs that have already seen advanced sceenings- we are very jealous LOL! And for those of you who, for some unknown reason, are not getting Remember Me in theaters near you- I'm sorry, we won't ruin it for you here. But for all the rest of you, you'll probably go see the movie tomorrow (tonight if you have a midnight premiere) or this weekend. Well, we here at AnF would like all of our US readers (yes we know other countries aren't as lucky to get to see it this weekend) to do something for us. Support Remember Me Saturday. Well Aimee, what is Remember Me Saturday? Glad you asked Aimee! (yes i do talk and answer myself a lot) Remember Me Saturday is a Fan Event that is calling for all fans- of Rob, Emilie, Pierce, and anyone else in or associated with the film- to go see the movie on Saturday. AND TO BRING FRIENDS AND FAMILY WITH YOU! Yes, you may have already seen it but grab a buddy, grab your sister, heck grab a donut, and go see it again. Let's show everyone what true fans can do!

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