Wednesday, February 24, 2010

*It's Finally Here! The EPIC 100th Post!*

Here are some pictures we never got around to posting!

Mini E likes the dark chocolate!
Susie and Me with author Nora Roberts and Mini E
 Mini E was watching the cars go by. He (of course) wanted to go faster.
Merry Christmas! Thank you for all of the wonderful Cards! 

And Here are the pics that we promised after the release of New Moon. (Sorry they are so late!) (Also want to mention you will be seeing Aimee's Sister, Aimee's Sister's 3 girls, and some of our friends)
Cats- I swear they were watching a funny Cats video!
Some last minute reading before going to the Theater. Mmm!
What does her shirt say?
AH! Where did I go wrong? She's a Wolf Girl!
Me: "How Old Are You?" Brit: "Seventeen." After laughing hysterically, Me and Susie: "How Long have you been Seventeen?" Brit: "Almost a Year." Wow, she totally didn't get it.....
Team Alec? There's a team Alec? Members: 1 (See above)
Aimee take the picture already!
(This is Sarah, one of the people who got us obsessed with Twilight- THANK YOU!)
Who's that over there? Oh yeah, our friend and neighbor, Sarah (a different Sarah than above). Grab us some popcorn while you're over there? 

Check Out our videos from the New Moon Premiere! 

In other news- Here's some things that have happened recently:

*Robert is on the Cover of the March issue of Details Magazine. Rob posed for 12 hours with nude women for this photoshoot. In many opinions it looks like eighties porn. From what I've seen I'm not too impressed with the shoot but Rob looks hot ALWAYS so yeah we'll be picking it up and hording it with all the other magz we have. Here's a preview of what to expect: (warning possible nudity)

*Rob was a presenter Sunday at the BAFTAs. That's the British version of the Oscars if you don't know already. Let's check out how hot he looked.
Ok not loving the hair but Rob + Tux = MMMmmm Good! 

*Anna Kendrick was also a presenter at the BAFTAs Sunday. Jamie Campbell Bower was also in attendance with rumored girlfriend Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter). Look how gorgeous they look together. 

Aren't they just so cute?

*More BAFTA news: Kristen Stewart won the Rising Star Award which is voted on by the British public. Congrats! Also Kristen and Rob were seen leaving the after party together which has prompted even more Robsten craziness! Personally we here are ApplesNFeathers don't care if they're a couple or not. We wish them well with whatever relationship they are pursing, either together or separately. But please, can we stop with all the rumors and privacy invasion? Pretty Please?

I'm sure there's been more news that has occured recently but honestly this is all I can remember LOL. Hope everyone enjoyed all the goodies and again we apologize that this post was almost a month in the making! Thank you all for staying with us to 100! We look forward to giving you hundreds more!


  1. Congratulations girls! Ohh Jamie Campbell Bower and Bonnie Wright would make the cutest couple!

  2. Congrats on your 100th post! *high five*


    I would be on team Alex if I didn't love Rob so much. He is way too cute in person!!!

    Loved the mini E pics, too. I have a similar Mini E pic with the Twilight bar... He was giving it to Mini B on her nirthday. LOL


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