Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday To Our Beloved Twi Sister...BETTI!!!

Here at ApplesnFeathers we have great respect for all of our other Twibloggers out there. We support each other like a little twi crazed family. So when one of our "sisters" have a birthday its reason to celebrate...especially this one!


Why exactly do we love Betti so damn much? That is one of the easiest questions to answer in the compiled a list.

She is loving, caring, and supportive to her friends, family, and fellow Twisisters

She is talented! She is an amazing music artist with a smooth sound and soul and if that isn't yummy enough she is an outstanding fan fiction author too!

She's a bloggy genius! She makes time for to manage 2 different blogs, comment and show support on fellow blogging sites, does guest posts on other twiblogs, and takes the time to even make buttons for her twifreak friends!

She made OURS!!

This is our lil way of saying Betti we LOVE you and we wish you the best birthday EVER!!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

(God I hope I did that right LOL so let me know if I didn't Betti LOL)


  1. GAHHHHH!!!! *THUD*


    (5 minutes and 24 seconds later...)



    *scrolls up and down, unbelieving*


    it's a... a.... oh!


    A bday blogpost for me?????!!??


    Thank you soooo much, you are the cutest!!!!

    What... why...? Wow!!

    I feel like I'm having a cerebral failure right now, I'm grinning ear to ear!


    Betti <3 <3 <3

  2. Translation of above comment from Google Translate: Feel that you can not do, in fact, just a thought.

    yeah, ok.


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