Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Leaked Script? No Thank You

Even your granny is in shock and awe

So the Twiuniverse is all a buzz about this leaked Eclipse script. This is my brief opinion about it...

Aimee and I took a vow of purity for Eclipse so I have not seen even a little picture of this leaked script. If you are reading this and you also took a purity promise for Eclipse you shouldn't be reading it either!

Do Aimee or I know where to find it? Of course we do. We're a part of a link of girls that while some have chosen to be Twivirgins others love their spoilers so yeah we have access to it. Are we gonna tell you where to find it or who to go to? Nope!! Because why would you want to be that spoiled?

Did Jackson Rathbone have a hand in playing the part of Leaker Extraordinaire? While that sounds a little like he won a piss contest rather than leak a script let's put this in a realistic perspective. Other than a small handful of Twilight actors/actresses whose movie careers have blossomed due to the franchise, most of them while they are very talented just aren't seeing as many scripts. So why would Jackson Rathbone sully his name and destroy his career by leaking a script? I don't think he had anything to do with it. If I'm wrong...I still wouldn't understand.

I honestly don't think the man is stupid

Eclipse is my favorite book of the series. This is one of the main reasons I went pure in the first place so that it couldn't not be ruined for me. Aimee took her vows because she was so overstimulated with New Moon spoilers that it spoiled her initial excitement when it finally came out. But if you want to indulge in sinful scriptage then just do some Google work and blog research and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for pretty damn just won't be here.


  1. I'm attempting to stay pure. But the chastity belt is getting heavy and there is a good possibility the iron panties will drop before June. *attempts to keep nickel between knees*

  2. I can't wait till June. I'll admit, that I'm trying to stay pure, but when the official trailer is released, as with any other movie, I will watch it *hungrily* June can't come soon enough.

  3. Staying pure for shizzy. And if I don't, I'm counting on you biatches to taze me.

  4. I so do not want to read a spoiler such as this script. That would just be so wrong! With such vivid imaginations as we all seem to have, by reading the SCRIPT it would just ruin ever going and seeing the movie!

    I've vowed to stay pure for the movie, but the script leak was a def no brainer for me.

  5. Purity, schmurity, heehee! Even though I saw all the New Moon spoilers, the day it came out was still more exciting that Christmas day, New Year's and my birthday combined. So I have faith in my inner excited fangirl... and am totally reading the script as we speak. But I want you to know I respect virgins, enormously! Keep up the purity, girls.

  6. I had decided to try to stay away from as many spoilers this time than I did with New Moon. THEN I heard the script was leaked & someone posted the link. I was thinking "This is a test..." Should I? or Shouldn't I??? Well, I did download the script and I even read about 5 minutes of it. Then I started remembering how I felt when I sat in the theater watching NM that first time. And I stopped reading. I don't think I'll read any if I can just make myself delete the file...


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