Monday, January 4, 2010

The Hillywood Show Presents its New Moon Parody

I've always considered myself to be someone with a great sense of humor. Even with things that I adore like The Twilight Saga, I think the best fans are the ones that can laugh at it and I know that there are plenty of ladies in the Twiblog communtiy that do that to perfection.

I'm a huge fan of parodies. If they are well done that is. The folks over at the Hillywood Show put a 110% into making their parodies. They have made a name for themselves because of their flawless renditions of The Joker, Sweeney Todd, Jack Sparrow and of course....TWILIGHT! Their Twilight parody was amazing and we all have been looking forward to the follow up New Moon parody...the wait is over! Beautifully done by the entire Hillywood cast!

I can't think of three better people to imitate Bella, Edward, and Jacob. I've always wanted to know how much money goes into their productions because honestly some of that stuff looks like flawless replicas (Bella's room, costumes, Volturi thrones, Volterra, Jacob's tattoo). The actors look amazing and according to their site it was filmed in La Push and Forks, WA and the truck is the actual truck used in Twilight.

Definitely another masterpiece from Hillywood Productions!

What do you mean you've never seen their Twilight Parody?! Well that's worth a watch too!

If you want to see more of their amazing work(their Dark Knight parody to the song Pokerface is amazing) then click on their promo poster below to go to their main site to view more.


  1. OMG! That's gotta be the funniest one I've ever seen! I had tears at one point I was laughing so hard! They are geniuses!

  2. That was freaking hysterical! The only thing that I see that they missed...was Edward's F'd up nipple! LOL!!!!

  3. @Snarcastic M yeah I was totally looking for that too lol I think the guy playing Edward in this has a nicer body in that scene then RPattz lol

  4. It's pretty amazing isn't it. I mean all the details! How do they do it?! I loved the little dance routine at Volterra lol.


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