Wednesday, January 6, 2010

People's Choice Awards Tonight!

That's right! the PCA's air tonight at 9 (Eastern) on CBS. You can view live red carpet and backstage feeds directly from their website here. You can also go to their site here and vote for winners- they only have a few categories open each hour until the show starts.

As most of you know Rob is up for Fav Movie Actor against Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, and Johnny Depp.While Kris is up for Fav Movie Actress against Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Aniston.

Anna Kendrick is up for Fav Breakout Movie Actress, while Taylor is up for Fav Breakout Movie Actor.

Twilight is up for Fav On-Screen Team and Fav Movie.

Fav Rock Band includes Paramore, Muse, and Kings of Leon- 3 groups I always associate with Twilight. (I mean, come on, when KoL's Sex on Fire is playing who DOESN'T think of Rob?)

So while we do not have cable to watch, I will be looking for a live feed of the show so I can see what happens. Plus it looks like Taylor and Kellan will both be in attendance, always a nice thing to see. So let's watch and enjoy!


Fav Breakout Movie Actor went to Taylor Lautner.
Fav On-Screen Team was The Twilight Saga.
Fav Movie was Twilight.
Fav Franchise was The Twilight Saga.
Fav Rock Band was Paramore.

Some other notable wins for us was Alyson Hannigan for Fav TV Comedy Actress, Glee for Fav New TV Comedy, The Vampire Diaries for Fav New TV Drama, and True Blood as Fav TV Obsession.

To see a full list of winners please visit here.


  1. favorite movie actress Sandra bullock?! Was she even in a movie this year? Actually I wouldn't know since I've pretty much only been watching New Moon lol.

    Taylor really deserves his award!

  2. Yeah, she was in "The Proposal" with ryan reynolds. They were both hilarious! So good! I agree, Taylor really earned that award! I also agreed with Twilight winning Favorite Onscreen Team. There was more than a little bit of genius putting that cast together!

  3. I *barely* survived the award show. KSlutz? TayBait? And one of my few non-twi-related obsession, Ryan Reynolds? I'm pretty sure I squeed so high that only the neighborhood dogs heard me at one point. When Kellan said "yes ma'am" I was done. Oh, and people won some stuff (or so I heard). The end :)


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