Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Twilight Porn...No I'm Not Joking

Originally I was going to do a story on how the term "Sighting" kinda creeps me out. Instead this afternoon I stumbled upon articles by two bloggy friends (TwiSessed and Twilog) about a new Twilight parody coming out in October. As I am quite fond of parodies especially for something I already love I was excited to here about a brand new one. Then I snapped out of my little trance, kept reading, and got the shock of my one word....Porn


Yeah I'm seriously not joking. According to the Twilight Examiner:

On October 15, 2009, Devil's Film will release This Isn't Twilight: The XXX Parody, starring Jenna Haze. Read the rest of her article here.

I have to say that I'm slightly intrigued by this. My inner pervert is screaming, "FINALLY something I can really sink my teeth into!" That is however until I saw this...


I was hoping for at least an actor that slightly just slightly resembled Robert Pattinson or even Edward Cullen before RPattz came along, but this? No, no, no...he's not even remotely attractive! I'm more attracted to the actresses that are portraying Bella and Victoria. Speaking of Bella the porn star, apparently that is Jenna Haze, someone who is a big star in the Adult Industry. Rock out! If they can get someone of that ranking in their little movie than shit this must be a big deal.

I do like how they attempted to mimic the DvD cover albeit badly

Oh Sweet Innocence...Where Hast Thou Gone?

But I do have to agree with people that "Porn James" looks more like Carslile should. The tagline though is very that cheesy, shaggin kind of way.

When You Can Fuck Forever. ..
You Can Fuck Everybody

Yeeaahhh...You stay classy Twilight! I'm pretty sure Stephanie Meyers is freaking the fuck out over this! I'm thinkin her Mormon lifestyled brain will not be able to handle this..nope, not at all.

On the other hand, who knows maybe this perverted romp will be creative, sensual, and funny as fuck! Not to mention it may bring us some men. Let's think about this...So your Hubby or BF doesn't want to watch Twilight with you again...but would they say no to a porn? Probably this ladies could be our new tool (ha ha tool) of destruction in bedding men Twilight Style!! And if that shit doesn't work you can still have fun with your last resort...

The Vamp!

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  1. Wow. I'm not gonna lie...I'd watch it. It'd be like a dirty, boobie filled car accident I couldn't turn away from.

    And I never thought about the other angle, getting guys to watch via porn. Mr. Swiss is a perv...but adamantly anti-Twilight. It'd be interesting to see which side wins out ;)


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