Monday, September 7, 2009

Copyrights suck....and Robsten Rant.

So we were gonna do a post with the new photos of Rob- which were to die for I really hope you got to see them- but apparently there's a problem with copyright laws or some such thing and sites are being told to take them we're not posting them. I know, I know- it is very disappointing. The lovely ladies from Twitarded have solved our problem- they did their own Robward pics!

As for other random news- Peter Facinelli was tweeting from 30,000 ft and gave us these amazing pics of him and Lou Ferrigno (ya know, The Incredible Hulk).
PFach always makes me laugh.

Now in other other news- has anyone seen the OK! magazine that says Rob and Kristen are Engaged?!? WTF? I mean seriously- I had to buy it just to make fun of it. Because really- they are taking old news, the "make-out" session at the Kings of Leon concert, supposedly nights in each others hotel rooms- umm kinda hard to determine if they are staying in the same hotel! and making it into a love-of-the-century media frenzy that may include a real engagement to totally mirror their Twilight characters love and life! um hmm because we all know that real life mirrors movies- whatever. They even go so far as to make it a love triangle with Taylor- that he wants Kristen and Kristen is attracted and Rob is jealous because Taylor gained all that weight and became a sex symbol along with Rob- right, I have such a hard time even trying to read this to critique it. I mean really- I have seen and read as many Rob interviews as I can, it is not news to any of his fans that he doesn't think he's a sex symbol and gets uncomfortable with people thinking he's hot, he has said that he does get jealous in relationships but again I just don't see this whole love triangle thing happening. It's getting ridiculous. Are Rob and Kristen dating? I don't know, don't really care- I can have my Rob fantasies still it's not like I'm actually ever going to meet him (although I would die if I did). Are Rob and Kristen getting it on? Maybe- what's the big deal? They are both unattached and adults. Is Taylor hot for Kristen? Well really who knows? I have to admit she's cute and he's young so maybe he has a crush. Are we going to see a Rob/Taylor smackdown? No. Although it might be nice to watch if they were both half-naked and rubbed down in oil and.....yeah sorry off topic. Anyways, my point here is that this Robsten are they or aren't they is getting ridiculous. It will either come out that they are, and yay for them, or that they aren't, that is was all a media set-up to make the fans even more rabid, then yay for us (in this case we may still have a chance to get Rob! I know i'm delusional)- either way, let them figure it out and let them do it in private (bad choice of words? lol).


  1. Thanks for the shout out, lovely ladies.

    Oh, and the first thing I zeroed in on were the unicorns humping on the sidebar. I have problems. But I LOVE that pic!! :)

  2. Totally getting your point on the whole Robsten Saga..if they are not together, they are really really great actors (Kate Winslet type) especially Kristen who always is looking at that man with hungry (like he is a steak and she just left the Tofu stage). I don't think Rob is a sex god, he is so freaking awkward that I can't imagine him sexing-up the KSTew, but he is pretty, such a pretty boy-man and lets get real, I wouldn't mind hit that!!!!
    Being serious...I have a huge respect for Kristen,the girl is very mature for her age, "not" a Hollywood kind of girl (UAC! Megan Fox, La Lohan, Brit, etc) and she is FIERCE!!!. Also, I believe that she is very brave to date (if they are dating..)the RPATTZ, she must liking him a lot to endure all the attention, the horny twitards, paps, lack of privacy and especially, knowing that every woman in the freaking world is fantasizing with your man...Poor, Poor Kristen

  3. "Although it might be nice to watch if they were both half-naked and rubbed down in oil and..."

    Thanks...the odds of me actually falling asleep tonight while distracted with Robward & Taycob neked oil wrestling through my half-asleep mind is pretty low. Oh well, I guess it's worth it ;)

    Great post...totally agree!

  4. Preach it Roomie! I can definitely say when it comes to Robsten we are on the same page!

  5. Thanks for the PFach pics...I totally missed the tweets. Total agreement on the OK mag cover. I thought it was hilarious!


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