Thursday, September 2, 2010

Now that everything is Finally Unpacked...

Attention! Attention!

Things are finally starting to settle down to a strict routine in our separate homes! Aimee is settling into her apartment in Alabama(she got a job! I iz so proud!) and I'm finally fully unpacked and living with the stress filled duties of being a caretaker for my parents and grandma. But even with all the stress I have missed posting on our site. I have a couple of ideas lined up and I'm hoping to get back on a strict schedule of posting once maybe twice a week. I have a few reviews to post including the long overdue Remember Me and Eclipse posts(in which I still need to tell Aimee so she can pop over here with her opinion too) and a couple of opinion posts on our favorite RPattz movies due to come out as well. Along with that I've remained very active on our closest bloggy sisters sites doing guest posts and comments since at the moment it's all I've had time for :-)

I just signed up with OnePushyFox and Cutie to do a guest spot for the Beautiful Darkness book discussion later this year.

I'm currently knee deep in the ongoing Hush,Hush book discussion over at Super Secret Twilight Blog.

I also did a guest post over at the Bewitched Bookworms about a month back with OnePushyFox in which we did a Mystery Book Challenge. I'm really hoping to collaborate with the Bookworms again because I have tons of time to read now lol

And I've been keeping up and commenting regularly with my favorite True Blood blogger and loyal follower HG!! Season 3 is almost over :-(

We really want to thank all of our followers for sticking with us during this transition time. You have no idea how grateful we are and I'm hoping not so far into the future we can get a giveaway set up to show our appreciation! Don't forget to comment and say hello!

So GLAD to be BACK!!


  1. Girl, I'm glad to have you back!! I know how RL can be and this year has seem to slip by so fast, so in a blink of an eye, weeks peel away.

    I'm just happy that your able to do what makes you happy. Keep blogging!!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you're planning on getting back into the swing of things! I can't wait to hear more from both of you lovely ladies. And the Bookworms are ALWAYS up for MBE challenges, just sayin'!



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