Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yes that's right ladies- TAYLOR LAUTNER IS NOW LEGAL(ish)!!!! It's ok to drool over half naked Taylor without feeling like (too much) of a pervert. It's ok to have dirty thoughts about pictures like this-


It's ok, cause he's legal(ish). Now you can plaster up all those posters you have been saving- because you knew some people wouldn't understand when he was underage. Now you can wear your Team Jacob apparel with Pride! Now you can read M rated fan fiction about Jacob without feeling dirty because you pictured Taylor while reading it... *crickets* Was that only me?  LOL Well, he may be legal(ish) and I may not feel (as) bad about staring at his half naked pictures but you still won't find a lot of Taylor and Team Jacob things in this house. Happy Birthday Ladies!

This is officially our 99th post- next is 100! We do have some things in store for you (and we're very sorry it has taken so long) but we promise it will be up soon.


  1. Squeeeeeeeee! Happy Birthday Taylor! Oh, how I wish he had a Twitter account. Or that he was still with Swifty, so we could tweet him through her. But alas!

  2. Ohh congratz on your almost 100th post! I'm curious to see what you have in store.


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