Sunday, December 13, 2009

You Have Until Tuesday!

We have gotten an amazing response from our followers these past few days and Susie is looking forward to putting all those Christmas cards in the mail on Tuesday! Remember you have until Tuesday morning to send us your address and get a lovely Christmas card from the girls of ApplesnFeathers. If you don't feel comfortable in giving out your address that is fine. We've had several followers just give us there email address and we will be sending them an Xmas E Card! Earlier today while checking the email we received a lovely E Card from Its Just Me from Robmusement! Thank you darling and your card will be in the mail with the rest!!

Isn't it lovely!!!!


  1. I just had to do another comment. I clicked to follow Aimee's Twitter & saw your hometown is Morehead, which just happens to be the name of mine too! Although mine is in NC, not KY, lol. Sorry for rambling, had 1 too many hard lemonades tonight I think...

  2. That is one hawt Xmas card above... photoshop a Santa hat onto Rob's head, and you're good to go! :-)


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