Saturday, December 5, 2009

Susie Says Back The F***K OFF!

Obviously by the explicit title this will be a rant. We know its been a while since either one of us posted anything and we are just now coming down off our New Moon high (don't worry we will have a detailed review up soon) but until then I would like to get up on muh TwiFreak soapbox and make something known.

*Steps up, clears throat, and puts on her resolve face*

The paparazzi need to seriously back the fuck off!!!

Why you may ask? Because some dumb ass fan tweeted the location of Robert Pattinson whereabouts Friday night and today some stressful and quite frankly sad pap pictures have surfaced.

From the beginning we here at ANF have always been a pap free zone. We have the ultimate respect for all of the actors and actresses involved in our beloved Saga adaptations.

**So a little side note to you people out there that just happened to get this post as a Google search looking for said pics...go somewhere else cause you ain't welcome here**

The only reason I saw these pictures in the first place was because I was stupid enough to click on an email that I received from a random Twilighter so the fault is partially mine but I didn't realize until too late what they were and by then I was pissed. A couple of them make me want to cry, he looks absolutely miserable and frazzled.

Its coming down to a point where I honestly believe that if this kind of thing doesn't ease up then Robert Pattinson will stick out the rest of his contracts and then retire from acting. We all know he is uncomfortable, we've all seen his awkwardness and quirky nature that we've come to love but it makes me worry for him too.

Apparently I am not the only one who feels this way. Thinking Of Rob is taking there own stand on the situation and starting a Pap Protest. I personally think this is awesome!

Here's what we're doing to protest the pap pics. We'll be making a special post on ToR with pics of everyone putting their hands over their face saying

"He doesn't want this. Neither do we".

So send us your pics either via twitpics on
@Thinkingofrob or to me @FakerParis or via e-mail at

Be sure to include your twitter handles so we can post your names,
if you have site we'll add you as collaborators.

We'll be making the post this afternoon.

Here's My Contribution To The Campaign

And Aimee Let Her Point Be Known Too...AT WORK LOL

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