Thursday, April 8, 2010

Eclipse!! Reaction, Book Discussions, and MORE!

Aimee and I have been crazy busy with Real Life crap to the point where not only are we behind on our blogging and fan fiction reading but our house looks like a hurricane hit it and all we want to do when we aren't working is sleep. Luckily I was hit with the insomnia bug on my days off this week and what better way to keep my wandering sleeplessness busy but post an update to our followers!

Our Eclipse Trailer Reaction...better late than never!

We actually did film this the day the trailer came out and of course we meant to post it the next day but then the Real World police came busting in with distractions so now here it is in all its glory.

As you can see we are not impressed with the trailer. It had a couple of spotlight moments and all I can say is this movie better kick ass or I'm gonna be LIVID! Where were the Cullens? Where were the wolf pack and their new members?! The Volturi are in the damn book for like a page...just cause Dakota Fanning plays Jane does not mean she needs to be in the trailer and whats the deal with Bryce Dallas Howard in her Rachelle costume? (Can you tell I'm still not cool with Summit's lil switch)

Moving On.....

On a good side note, because of our reaction videos for both Eclipse and New Moon, we were contacted by a writer with The Washington Post doing a piece on reaction videos. She also happens to be a twifreak! I did a phone interview with her and though we haven't heard anything might be a possibility that Aimee and I will be featured somewhere in the article **SQUEE** so we'll keep a lookout for that and post if we get any kind of confirmation.


The Danger Magnet's Book Discussion is BACK and what does Anna have cooked up this time around...well duh Eclipse!

She's been cooking this up for quite some time now and its almost here. I am proud to say that some of the best bloggers out there will be participating including...whats this?...could it be?....

That's right! I'm actually going to doing my first guest post and I really banked with this one because I get the amazing privilege of reviewing chapters 22,23, and 24! You know what that means!!!!!! I have the tent scene!!!!

That's right ladies glow with envy!

I thought I was pumped about the TDM discussion before but now I'm just plan freakin stoked! So PLEASE either click the pic in the post or the sidebar to find out the dates for the upcoming book discussion featuring ECLIPSE!!!

Til Next Time--BE SAFE

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